Going on Vacation? Here Are 7 Home Security Tips!

Posted on November 11, 2018

Did you know that there were 1.19 million property crimes reported in Canada in 2017?

With burglars always looking for their next target, it can be worrying to know how to keep your home secure.

When you're at home, there are several ways to "secure the fort" and stop thieves from snooping around your property. But how can you protect your home and belongings when you're heading on a vacation?

Don't panic, we've done the research for you. Check out these home security tips you should follow this year.

Home Security Tips

You may wonder how to stop burglars from targeting your home when you're taking a trip. The key is to eliminate opportunity. If your home doesn't come across as a soft target, the burglar will move on to something easier.

Read these 5 simple tips on how to secure your home and stop thieves from making YOU the next victim.

1. Security Systems in Check

To have real peace of mind on your vacation (and at all times) you need to have the right security measures in place.

Having security cameras, security alarms and motion detector lighting are effective ways to stop a break in. In fact, homes that don't have a security system are 300% more likely to become a target.

To make sure the burglar gets the picture, make sure your security system is apparent. For example, put up yard signs and security stickers to warn them of the security system. This will make them think twice before trying to break in unnoticed.

If you secure your home so that it's too hard to break in, a thief may give up and move on. So be sure to reinforce your windows and doors. You can even deck your windows with alarm sensors.

You can also buy iron bars to make your windows and patio doors burglar resistant. An iron bar might not sound pretty. But there are companies who specialize in artistic looking bars that can match your decor.

2. Skip Social Media

Your fingers may be itching to update your social media accounts about your upcoming trip. But try to resist the urge! The more people who know that your house will be empty, the more of a risk it poses.

Broadcasting your vacay updates is the equivalent to inviting potential burglars to your home. Stop thieves from knowing your schedule. Try to share your experience on social media AFTER your trip!

The same applies to your landline phone. Don't leave a message to say that you're out of town. Your goal should be to leave a false impression that someone is home.

3. Optical Illusion

The best tip in how to stop burglars from targeting your home is to make it look like someone is home. Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, or ask the post office to hold your mail until you come back. This will stop thieves from seeing a huge pile of mail and realizing the home is currently unoccupied.

Timers are key to keeping your home safe from prowlers and burglars. Put timers on lights, TV's and radios to give the impression someone is home. A well-lit, noisy home will put them off.

Another essential tip is to block the view of your valuables by using blinds or curtains. For example, if your living room TV is visible from the street, make sure to close the blinds. Or if your kitchen is full of fancy appliances, make sure they aren't visible from anyone prowling in your garden in the night.

But if you close ALL the curtains and blinds in your home, it will look suspicious. Keep a few open, and a few closed to make it look like someone is still around.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Burglars love areas where the neighbors keep to themselves. But they hate neighborhoods that look out for each other. The best way to keep your eye on things is to have a "neighborhood watch" scheme.

Partnering with your neighbors can help all to be vigilant of suspicious activity in the community. It'll also give you peace of mind when your home is unoccupied. Give a trusted neighbor your spare key instead of leaving it under the mat in case of emergencies.

Arrange a trusted neighbor or friend who lives close by to help you keep up that "lived in" look. As mentioned, they could collect your mail, delivered packages, and pick up empty trash cans.

If you're heading on a winter getaway, ask your neighbor to create footprints or tire tracks in the snow. If your heading on an extended summer vacation you could pay someone to keep the front yard tidy. This will give opportunists the illusion that someone is home.

5. Double Check...and Check Again!

Before you leave for your getaway make sure to double check the doors and windows. Make sure everything is locked up and secure. It's always better to double check to avoid a doubting mind later.

Whatever you do, don't forget your garage door! Make sure to lock it and disconnect the automatic opener.

6. Be Prepared for the Worst

Of course, no matter what you do to secure your home, you may get caught out. It's better to prepare for the worst case scenario and have your home insured.

Home insurance can cover any damage that has taken place during a robbery. They also cover any losses from your home.

How can you find the right home insurance for you? Check out our price comparison feature that can help you to find the best and lowest rates. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote today.

Are You Ready for Your Vacay?

No matter what you do, your home will never be 100% burglar proof. But if you follow these home security tips you will dramatically reduce the likelihood of your home becoming the next target.

So, are you ready for your vacay? Uh oh, you've forgotten something vital! What is it? Click here to find out.

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