Burial Insurance

Everything You Need to Know about Preneed Funeral Insurance

on 27 Apr, 2019

As the old adage goes, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.  But the fact of our impending...

burial insurance for seniors Burial Insurance

Parents Getting Up There? How to Buy Burial Insurance for Seniors

on 4 Apr, 2019

While a fair amount of policyholders are paying too much for life insurance, many of them aren't getting enough when...

insurance for funeral Burial Insurance

Insurance for Funeral: Do You Need It or Is Life Insurance Enough?

on 30 Nov, 2018

The average cost of a funeral is around $11,000. And that number can vary wildly depending on the type of...

funeral insurance policy Advice & Tips

5 Ways a Funeral Insurance Policy Helps You Save Money

on 27 Nov, 2018

The average cost of a funeral in Canada ranges between $8,000 and $10,000. However, the total cost can be double...

burial insurance policy Burial Insurance

Is a Burial Insurance Policy Worth Getting? Find Out Here!

on 22 Nov, 2018

Did you know that grief can cause sadness, anxiety, fear, and shock? If a loved one passes, and you are experiencing grief,...

prepaid funeral plans Burial Insurance

Are Prepaid Funeral Plans a Good Idea?

on 14 Nov, 2018

Over 250,000 people die in Canada every year. What that number means on a human scale is that a quarter...

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Burial Insurance vs Funeral Life Insurance: What’s the Difference?

on 9 Nov, 2018

There is one day of your life that you never want to think about. You can't plan for it because...

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Should You Go for Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period?

on 10 Nov, 2018

151,600 people die every single day. That is approximately one person every half second. Sure, almost no one likes talking...

Senior term life insurance Burial Insurance

Senior Term Life Insurance vs. Burial Insurance: Which Is Better?

on 13 Nov, 2018

Can't decide what type of life insurance you or someone you love needs? If you're inexperienced, they all sound the...

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What You Can Expect From the Best Final Expense Insurance

on 8 Nov, 2018

As 60% of people go into their later years without a will, many won't have their funeral costs prepared for,...