Top 5 Best Places to Live in Prince Edward Island

Posted on September 8, 2021

Each of Canada's provinces is home to beautiful towns to discover and Prince Edward Island is no different. From Charlottetown to Souris, the "Garden of the Gulf" allows for a wonderful standard of life, with plenty of culture, history, and beautiful landscapes to explore.

If you're considering a relocation, you might be wondering what are the best cities to live in on Prince Edward Island?

In this article, we'll discuss some of our favourite picks for moving to Prince Edward Island, and what makes them a great choice for your new home.

murray river pei landscape

Murray River, PEI

Murray River, with a population of around 300 residents, is located in Kings County on the southeast tip of Prince Edward Island. It's a quaint town known for gorgeous wineries and an up-and-coming shopping scene.

The average age of a Murray River resident is 46, and it attracts young entrepreneurs, hikers, and families. There's a lovely range of temperatures here as the weather reaches highs of 25°C in the summer, and -10°C in the winter. 

The average income is $30,111 after-tax, while the unemployment rate sits at 9.1%. Crime rates are 8% lower than the province average, making it one of the top choices on our list. Finally, the average home here costs 62% less than the province average, while rental prices are equivalent to the average for Prince Edward Island.

Charlottetown PEI landscape

Charlottetown, PEI

Next up, Charlottetown is the largest of the cities in Prince Edward Island as well as being the province capital. It's recognized as the commercial centre of the province and is home to the provincial government, the island's largest airport, and the University of Prince Edward Island.

With a population of around 36,000 people, the city attracts plenty of young people, including newlyweds and students. The median household income is $53,736, among the highest for the province and at the top of our list.

Many tourists from other provinces and countries come to visit Charlottetown as there are plenty of opportunities for fat biking and snowmobiling during the winter months.

Charlottetown scores poorly for crime rates compared to the province as a whole, yet the cost of living is very affordable, and the unemployment rate is 5.8%. Finally, the weather in Charlottetown sees highs of 23°C and lows of -12°C.

Kensington PEI landscape

Kensington, PEI

Situated at the centre of the island, Kensington is referred to as the "Heart of Prince Edward Island". The town has an active community with plenty of annual events that attract its 1,600-strong population with an average age of 46.

Its weather is typical of the island, with warm summers and chilly winters, making it an ideal spot for those who love to note the changing of seasons. Kensington has lots to offer with parks, beaches, museums, making it a great spot for families. 

Kensington is one of the places in Prince Edward Island with the lowest crime severity indexes. The average household income is $51,520, while the average home here costs $164,900. If you're thinking of buying your first home in Prince Edward Island, check out our must-have guide.

Lastly, the unemployment rate in Kensington sits at 12%.

North Rustico PEI Landscape

North Rustico, PEI

Turning to North Rustico, this is an idyllic town located on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. Nicknamed "the Crick" it has a stunning harbour and is best known for raucous Canada Day celebrations every July 1st.

The average age of the town is 51, which is a little higher than the others on our list. North Rustico is also on the smaller side, with just 607 residents recorded during the 2016 census. July is the hottest month of the year, with highs of 24°C, while the lowest temperature is around -12°C in February.

North Rustico is the ultimate small-town spot. With lots of independent stores and restaurants, it is a magical place to call home year-round, but especially when the streets are lit up during the holidays.

The unemployment rate is quite high at 20%, but the crime rate for violent offences is 16% down on the national average. The cost of living here is 8% lower than the Prince Edward Island average, making this a great location if you've already secured a job offer in Prince Edward Island.

Finally, the average after-tax income for North Rustico is $23,600.

Souris Lighthouse PEI

Souris, PEI

Our final choice for one of the best cities in Prince Edward Island is Souris, on the northeastern tip of the island. Souris boasts fantastic beaches, eye-catching architecture, and is famous for its fishing industry.

The average age of a Souris resident is 47 and it has a population of just over 1,000. One of the biggest attractions of the town is its close proximity to Basin Head Provincial Park, often considered one of the best beaches of the province.

As with the rest of the province, the weather ranges from -10°C to 22°C and is hottest between July and September.

The crime rate in Souris is very low, as much as 30% down on the national average. The unemployment rate is 13% and has been following a downward trend in recent years. The median household income is $42,368 per year. 

Those Are Some of the Best Cities to Live In on PEI

Which of these Prince Edward Island towns and cities do you like the sound of? Having shared the key data for each of these locations, you should now be able to narrow down your shortlist of the best cities to live in on Prince Edward Island.

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