Top 5 Best Places to Live in Manitoba

Posted on August 10, 2021

Did you know that happy people live longer? A study from the National Academy of Science found that optimistic people have a higher chance of living past the age of 85.

One of the best ways to be a happier person is to enjoy the space that you live in and making that space as healthy as possible through the things you consume and the way you spend your time.

Eating healthy foods, finding good healthcare and health insurance, being surrounded by beautiful nature and enjoying diverse cultures are all things that you will find living in Manitoba. 

The Province has one of the most stable economies in Canada, making it not only appealing but also affordable to live there. But which are the best cities to live in Manitoba? 

1. Winnipeg 

Winnipeg Manitoba tourist landmark

The capital of the Province with over 700,000 residents boasts of unique architecture, cool temperatures, interesting museums and diverse culture. One hour you can be relaxing in a Nordic Spa, and the next you can be across the river in a fully immersed French neighbourhood.

Not only is the culture diverse, but it is also known as an extremely friendly city.

One blogger described the city this way, "Winnipeg may boast a mega cool skyline and a bumpin’ downtown core, but in many ways, it combines the best of big-city amenities with the community and kindness of a small Prairie town. After all, the province’s slogan was formerly 'Friendly Manitoba' – a name well deserved based on the few local interactions I had."

Contrary to many jokes about the city being cold and boring, Winnipeg actually offers a lot to do. During the summer the city offers a slew of festivals.

Residents can take a walk down the Historical Change District to see over 100 years of historic architecture. The Forks is another great area to visit, a place where two rivers meet and are surrounded by fun cafes and shopping. There are also museums, a zoo and so much more.

2. Thompson

Thompson Manitoba tourist landmark

People who enjoy the fresh air and a break from traffic will love Thompson. The city of around 15,000 is known for its natural beauty. Hikers will experience the smell of pine, beautiful clear lakes and breathtaking waterfalls.

They may even see a wolf, a creature that has claimed the unofficial mascot of the town. It has even been called by Vice the "wolf capital of the world." Vice also reported that the Province of Manitoba is estimated to have more wolves than the entire contiguous United States. 

Not only is Thompson a good place to spot a wolf, but it is also a fantastic place to see the northern lights decorate the sky. If you want to see a preview, you can watch this video from the weather channel. It is truly a breathtaking sight!

Nature is not the only great thing about Thompson.

Mining is the most prevalent industry in the area which provides a stable economy. Rent is very affordable, at $1,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

3. Brandon

Brandon Manitoba Welcome landmark

Agriculture is at the heart of Manitoba's second-largest city, home to more than 50,000. The town is one of the best in the province due to its low crime, cheap rent, and great schools. 

Known as the "Wheat City" Brandon is land of rich history that includes farming, the Canadian Pacific Railway, bison hunting, fur trading, French Canadians and the Sioux tribe.

This is also a great town for a Foodie. The culinary scene is large and diverse. Artists will also enjoy the creative flare Brandon has to offer, with artistic murals dancing along the sides of buildings. There are also several museums, a beautiful riverbank to walk along and more--something for everyone!

4. Springfield

Springfield Manitoba tourist landmark

Anyone who enjoys living in the country but being close to a big city would love Springfield. The rural town is not too far away from Winnipeg, so residents can make a short 30-minute drive if they want to visit museums or see a show. But they will still get to enjoy the quiet, peaceful day-to-day of rural living. 

Springfield is actually the oldest municipality in Manitoba and got its name from natural springs found there. The town, which borders the beautiful Agassiz Provincial Forest, offers cheap rent, low crime, and small-town charm.

It's a great place to raise a family!

5. Winnipeg Beach

Winnipeg Beach Manitoba Welcome landmark

Just 65 kilometres north of Winnipeg, this quaint beach town offers a stunning view of the peaceful waters on Lake Winnipeg. The town, started in 1900 by the Canadian Pacific Railway was built as a resort town. Originally it offered everything from amusement parks and boardwalks to dance floors, ritzy hotels, piers and more.

After the 1950s many of those attractions closed, but in the 1960s the Canadian government did a lot of work to build the town back up again by creating Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park.

Today, visitors can still enjoy a walk over the boardwalk, sip coffee at a local cafe, view the historic 1928 water tower, swim, boat and relax in the white sand. It is a great place for anyone who wants to fully take advantage of the summer weather months. 

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in One of the Best Cities to Live In

No matter where you choose to live, finding a healthy lifestyle is crucial to being happier and living longer. One important ingredient in that healthy lifestyle is the health insurance you choose.

Insurdinary would love to talk more with you about your needs and let you know how they can help! We may even be able to save you money, so you can spend more enjoying your new lifestyle in one of the best cities to live in Manitoba. With all that extra cash maybe you can do some exploring and travelling through the Province to discover even more great places in Manitoba!

For more on healthy lifestyles and Canadian health insurance, click here.

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