What Is Dialogue Health?

Posted on June 18, 2021

Here at Insurdinary, we believe that efficient healthcare is just as important as insurance. While it's extremely important to receive compensation, it's also important to make sure you stay healthy.   

But if you're an employer looking to keep your employees covered, you may find yourself frustrated at how behind-the-times many of your options are. The COVID-19 is proving to signal a new era in human technology and advancement. How are you going to keep your employees protected in a way that's up-to-date? 

Dialogue Health is a fantastic internet telehealth program for businesses that integrates all of the unique benefits of an internet telehealth program into one platform. They believe that effective patient care is not transactional and instead should focus on developing a relationship between patient, healthcare provider, and a company that provides the healthcare benefits. 

Dialogue health supports over 25,000 organizations. They boast over 40,000 five-star star patient reviews and support millions of Canadians. If you're looking for a telehealth organization, there's no better choice than Dialogue Canada. 

However, you may not be entirely sold on telemedicine — or even know what it is. 

What Is Telemedicine And Why Choose It?

Telemedicine is a thoroughly 21st century way to handle the problem of healthcare. It allows professionals to diagnose, treat, and evaluate patients from a distance using telecommunication technology. But don't worry, you won't have to interact with any robots or machines, new innovations in technology make it possible to have two-way interactions with live, qualified health care providers. 

Experts have worked to develop Telemedicine since the internet became the phenomenon it is today. However, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic hastened the development of telemedicine technologies. Just think about it — someone with a virus is much less likely to spread that virus if they're not going out into the world for treatment. 

Some people don't like the idea of their healthcare changing the way that it operates. However, there is a precedent for this in the past. Doctors used to do house calls and visit patients at home; now they work in offices. 

Changes and updates in the healthcare industry are just as important as any other industry. 

Telehealth has also proved to increase clinical workflow and workplace efficiency. Everyone wants to attend a healthcare facility that runs smoothly. When you choose telehealth, you choose an option that allows you to receive better treatment.

Benefits Of Dialogue Health

Dialogue Health

The first, and most obvious, is convenience. With Dialogue, all health services are delivered on one Integrated Health Platform. This means health services are easily accessible and available to you no matter where you are.

For patients, the dialogue health experience is unmatched. They can receive treatment 24/7, any day of the year. Dialogue also features bilingual healthcare treatment. Language barriers are never an issue. 

With Dialogue Health, patients have the power to choose. There are many ways to communicate online. Patients can choose whether they want to talk to professionals on instant messaging, video chat, or a call.

The Dialogue app is extremely helpful and useful to patients. One satisfied customer said, "Instead of taking time off work and spending hours in a waiting room, Dialogue allowed me to get in touch with a doctor on the same day through their user-friendly app". 

This leads us to the benefits for employers: more productivity. 

As you can already see, Dialogue health results in employees taking less time off. Less time off means more productivity. 

There's also the issue of appreciation. When your employees are well taken care of, you'll see improvements. Studies have shown that employees who feel more appreciated are more likely to work hard for your company. 

The easy-to-use administrator portal allows any employee the ability to navigate the eligibility of their members. Dialogue Health even provides a member engagement toolkit, to promote healthcare within their organization. 

Who Is Dialogue Health For?

Dialogue Health is for business leaders who care. It's for those leaders who want to improve their workplace in the realms of productivity, appreciation, and safety. It's for those who wish not to just create a productive environment, but to create a productive culture.

Dialogue Health is for smaller businesses with under 100 employees who are able to pay $7.95 dollars a month per employee. (The prices for larger businesses are flexible.) 

Dialogue Health is for any employer looking to provide their employees with family coverage, unlimited consultations, access to mental health specialists, and family coverage. 

Dialogue Health is for business leaders who focus on success; who are willing to put themselves in the same class as Ubisoft, Sephora, Sobeys, National Bank, and Samsung — all businesses who have worked with Dialogue Health. 

How Does Dialogue Health Technology Work?

Dialogue Health technology starts with the app. Once someone downloads the app, they have all they need to start booking telehealth appointments. Dialogue services offer themselves on whatever piece of technology you operate from, be it laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

Patients begin the process in much the same way they begin an in-person appointment. They start with intake, answering a series of questions to begin diagnosis; similar to the questions a medical receptionist would ask at a traditional in-person appointment.

Then, consultation begins. Based on their intake form, the patients will be assigned to the proper medical resource. Telehealth makes this extremely easy. 

Then, the patient receives a care plan. Based on a consultation, the medical professional will assign any referrals, lab tests, or prescriptions. These prescriptions will be delivered for free. 

Depending on the diagnosis, the patient will receive a follow-up 1-7 days later. It's reassuring knowing that even though you're not meeting a health official in person, you're still getting personalized care. 

With Dialogue Health technology, patients receive resources and information on the same day that they decide to talk to a medical professional. No longer will they have to wait to see a doctor about their condition. They'll receive referrals, follow-ups, and prescriptions within a week; this makes it extremely efficient at managing symptoms.

The Dialogue App 

The Dialogue health app is extremely helpful and easy to use. Its symbol is the black-and-white symbol of the company. Click on it, and you'll be brought into the app. 

From there, you'll see a simple, black-and-white interface that doesn't overwhelm. It gives you options to select for health concerns, stress & wellness resources, prescriptions, and more. Each of these options will lead you to a further page where you will be able to manage your health. 

Each of Dialogue's pages is sleek and simple. They focus on accessibility, rather than flash. The chat options are as simple as a standard text message. 

Questions such as "how bad is the pain" or "how severe are the symptoms" are easily answered with a sliding number-selection tool. The messaging services make it easy for you to make sure you're describing yourself exactly to medical doctors. 

There's a reason why people say it's best for you to bring someone with you to the doctor. We interact with the world through language. Often, in the moment, our meanings aren't completely understood by other people through no fault of our own.

By seeing the words you're communicating to a doctor you're setting yourself up for success. You'll be able to better monitor and edit the descriptions of your symptoms. 

Dialogue Health - Integrated Health Platform

Dialogue Health markets itself as an Integrated Health Platform. This means it focuses on bringing together all of the best parts of healthcare and putting them in a single place. 

It means there's only one relationship with a healthcare provider an employer has to manage. It means employee eligibility is managed only once. It means onboarding that's coordinated. 

It's also modular — which means that you can add or remove programs as you see fit. Clients are proven to be 77 percent more likely to seeks support when Dialogue is in the game. 

Dialogue Health - Physical Health

Dialogue Health boasts one of the most efficient physical health systems in Canada.

Physical issues can get bad, fast. Most people aren't able to see a doctor on the same day that the issue develops. This can lead to the issue getting worse.

And the hits don't stop there. 1 in 3 Canadians has to wait six days or more to see a family doctor. This is one of the disadvantages of free healthcare. 

When employees aren't able to see the doctor, they're more likely to develop mental health issues. Employees who can't get help for their physical ills become stressed and will be less likely to work hard. They may even take time off. 

An employee who doesn't see a doctor quickly is more likely to develop a long-term health problem. These issues result in less productive employees, less happy employees, and early retirement. 

Dialogue is the perfect solution for anyone who's looking for physical health solutions fast.

Unfortunately, time works against us all. One of the most difficult challenges in the medical field is the rush against time to help a patient out. Often life-altering conditions are caught too late to do anything about. 

Telehealth is a wonderful 21st-century solution to the issue of time. While it can't guarantee that everything will turn out okay, it can increase the chances of stopping problems in time to really make an impact. 

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Dialogue Health - Stress & Mental Health 

Stress is a natural part of being on the job. In fact, if you've grown up in an earlier era, you might be adverse to anyone complaining about stress and mental health. You may think that it's best for these people to just suck it up and go to work.

This idea, however, is toxic and dated.

Mental health issues are real, biological issues that plague millions of Canadians. They account for vast amounts of absenteeism every year. 

People suffering from mental health issues often fall into the same traps as people suffering from physical health issues. They're not able to receive help quickly enough, and the condition gets worse. 

Unfortunately, this aspect is even worse for mental health issues. 

Mental health issues come with a level of stigma already attached to them. Many people feel ashamed about seeking out mental health treatment. By the time they recognize the issue, work up the courage to seek health, and wait for a doctor to help them, the issue may have progressed to a severe degree.

Thankfully, Dialogue Health provides a solution. Folks are able to discreetly get themselves fast help as soon as they notice an issue. This will keep them happy, productive, and working. 

While the world of mental health, mental wellness and it's challenges are increasing by the second in Canada, we've published an article on a fast evolving issue directly related to the workplace. It's called Imposter Syndrome and it's a must read.

Dialogue Health - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Dialogue Health also features an important Employee Assistance Program or EAP.  The EAP provides essential wellness services with the benefit of the "true continuity of care with the option to continue with the same counsellor".

If you want to engage with your employees and keep them working at the top of their game, you need to employ a good Employee Assistance Program. You also need to make sure everyone has a security policy that they feel comfortable with.

Give Your Employees What They Need

Here at Insurdinary, we understand how complicated finding the right insurance policy is. That's why we've made it our mission to provide a plethora of resources to anyone looking for insurance — whether a business or an individual. 

If you want to take care of your employees, you'd be foolish not to consider Dialogue Health, and you'd be remiss not to look into the best insurance providers. For more information, get a quote with Insurdinary today.

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