Children Articles

Booster Seat Laws in Ontario and Utmost Importance of Them

From the food they eat to the air they breathe, protecting children from harm is of the utmost importance to […]

10 Best Ways to Raise Kids in a Digital World

It’s no secret that raising children is not easy. You might wonder about the best way to raise kids in […]

Teaching English As A Second Language (ESL) to Kids: Best Practices and Options

Learning English as a second language (ESL) is one of the most challenging things an adult can do. Understanding an […]

Do I Need to Use A Car Seat for My Child?

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act states that every child aged 8 and younger, must travel in a vehicle using a car […]

Cyber Bullying in Canada | Things You Should Know

There is a disease afflicting Canadian children. It causes low self-esteem, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide. It is called cyber […]

What is The Average Cost of Raising a Child in Canada?

In 2019, there were 372,038 Canadian babies born to families across the nation. As of 2021, there were 359,533 little ones […]

Explaining COVID to Kids

If you have small children, you know how much of a struggle the COVID-19 pandemic has been for them. While […]

The 2021 Canada Child Benefit Increase

Do you struggle to take care of your children, even with the Canada Child Benefit? Fortunately, the Canada Child Benefit […]

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