Car 101 Articles

Can a Car GPS Tracker Lower Your Car Insurance Rates?

For business vehicles, a GPS vehicle tracking system has become a vital component. Fortunately, it is easier for small businesses […]

Best Cars for Teenagers

Can you believe your teen is about to be driving all by themselves? Time really does fly. Well, 44% of […]

Best Family SUV Cars

Priorities change when you have a family, with personal desires taking a backseat in the search for products that work […]

Registration and the Vehicle Permit Number System

Did you know that Canada saw over 100,000 vehicle registrations per month from May to December 2020? It did decrease […]

The Alberta Vehicle Registration Process

Until recently, Alberta mailed drivers reminders about vehicle registration. In 2017, they discontinued the service as a cost-cutting measure. The […]

Your Guide to Buying a Car in Canada

If you're searching for a straightforward, hassle-free guide to buying a car in Canada, your life just got a lot […]

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