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Intact Travel Insurance – An All-encompassing Travel Insurance

Traveling can be fun and exciting but it comes with its own hassles, stress and sometimes, losses and damages. Accidents could occur while traveling and in some cases, the traveler may even become ill and need adequate medical care. Financing such medical care with your personal money could eat into your savings. You can make it all easy with Intact travel insurance.

Most insurance plans only apply while you are in Canada but the insurance plans cease to be effective if you travel outside Canada.

With Intact Travel Insurance, you can get the right protection you need when you travel.

This insurance plan is all-encompassing and gives you peace of mind when traveling.

Why You Need Intact Travel Insurance

Intact insurance is a comprehensive package. This insurance plan may be needed to complement your employee benefit and make up for their limited or partial protection. It is the right solution for you if you need a more unlimited option to cover you while traveling.

  • Travel insurance can be easily added to your insurance portfolio to customize it better to your requirements.
  • It is a relevant insurance plan to complement your employee benefits or credit card.
  • It is a plan to choose if you need a more unlimited option to cover you while traveling.
  • You can choose which Intact insurance plan is the best for you by taking advantage of the broker services provided in the platform.

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