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Tenant Insurance

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The Cooperators Tenant Insurance – A Robust Insurance Plan for Renters

Most renters do not find tenant insurance worth-doing simply because they live temporarily in their rented apartments. But loss and property damage do not give warning notes before occurring. The insurance cost may be insignificant compared to your property values and therefore an unexpected event such as fire outbreak could be a devastating worth that may impact heavily on your personal savings.

The Co-operators Tenant Insurance plays a significant role and can be leveraged to protect your property against such loss.

The Co-operators insurance features two categories of tenant insurance, namely classic and prestige. The classic option is the normal tenant insurance that protects your belongings and apartment. However, if you want a greater protection, you should go for the prestige option.

Protect Yourself From Any Kind of Damage with Tenant Insurance

Even if you accidentally damage someone else’s property, you will be held responsible and will have to replace it. The Co-operator’s tenant insurance can take care of any kind of personal liability including unintentional bodily injury caused to others and accidental damage to other people’s properties.

  • You can go for one of the two categories of coverage under tenant insurance namely: classic and prestige coverage.
  • The classic coverage includes all kinds of perils, liability coverage, dwelling homes only, dwelling structures home only, identity fraud, personal property, personal property moving coverage, dishonesty to others, dwelling lock replacement or re-keying and others.
  • The premium coverage includes every peril covered by the classic coverage as well as additional perils such as unintentional damage.
  • The Co-operator’s tenant insurance is very affordable and can be used to effectively protect your valuables.

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