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Sun Retirement Health Assist

Take Care Of Your Health Insurance Needs as You Age with Sun Retirement Health Assist

Sun Retirement Health Assist is a flexible and robust health insurance plan that makes it easy for you to strengthen your retirement plan. It makes sharing the retirement risk with insurance very easy, helping to take care of your needs after age 65.

This plan puts you in control of the situation but assists you actively with the funds you need to take care of yourself at old age. You are at liberty to decide on your retirement home, personal residence and long-term care facility. The insurance benefits kick in after the first one or two years you became dependent.

Meet Your Future Needs with Sun Long Term Care Insurance

This plan is perfect for you if you do not want your wealth and legacy to be tampered with but at the same time, you need to take care of your health needs. It helps to secure your savings but offers you sufficient long-term care. It is a lower-cost insurance option with lots of added benefits.

  • The minimum weekly benefit for the plan is $500 while the maximum weekly benefit is $2,300.
  • You are at liberty to choose your benefit period. The options available include 100 weeks, 150 weeks, 250 weeks and unlimited.
  • Several additional protection and services are included in the plan. Such features include an automatic return of premium, inflation protection, waiver of premium, Lifestage Care and so forth.
  • Your age must fall within the range of 45 and 71, both inclusive, to apply for this plan.
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