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Personal Health Insurance Standard Plan

Access Sun Life Highly Effective Personal Health Insurance Standard Plan

Most employers’ health insurance plans are never enough especially when critical health conditions are involved. You want a plan that will cover your health needs including catastrophic drug coverage and emergency travel medical care, don’t you? Sun life personal health insurance standard plan is designed for you.

The personal health insurance standard plan is a highly popular plan. It covers several features not included in the basic plan as well as features available in the basic plan. However, just like the basic plan, you need to be resident in Canada and have provincial health care coverage to apply.

Features Included in the Sun Life Personal Health Insurance Standard Plan

The standard plan includes several features such as vision care, emergency medical travel, semi-private hospital room, prescription drugs, preventive dental care and many others. Just like the basic plan, applicants should be under 70 but the plan is renewable for customers above 70.

  • Applicants that have any of the illnesses listed in the policy are not eligible.
  • If you have a pending surgery or awaiting doctor’s investigation or tests, you are not eligible for the plan.
  • You will be reimbursed 70% of your first $7,000 annual expenses but complete reimbursement for the next $93,000 annual expenses will hold subsequently in prescription drugs.
  • You can also claim up to $100,000 in annual maximum of eligible expenses in prescription drugs
  • You have access to several preventive dental coverage options such as examinations and diagnosis, white fillings, scaling and minor extractions, space maintainers for under 12 children and so forth.
  • You can also have access to emergency medical care on the first 60 days of your trip but you can also access $1 million lifetime maximum claims on emergency travel.

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