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Solution 30 Term Life Insurance

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Empire Life Solution 30 – The Life Insurance Plan for Longer-term Needs

Looking for a robust and affordable life insurance plan to help cover your mortgage in a little longer term, Solution 30 is a more appropriate plan for you. Solution 30 is an affordable plan designed with future flexibility in mind and tailored to help meet your individual and family insurance needs in a longer-term.

It is very easy to get this insurance plan. All you need to do is to find an advisor in your area, meet with the advisor and fill out the application form. The rate for Solution 30 remains the same for the first 30 years. From the 31st year, the premium increases annually till age 85 and then remains the same up till age 100.

Get a Comprehensive Plan with Empire Life Solution 30 Term Life Insurance

With Solution 30, you can save on fees and create a comprehensive insurance package. This is possible by adding this insurance product to some other Solution series or Empire’s CI products. The plan can offer you peace of mind and it has the flexibility and affordability you need in an insurance plan.

  • Solution 30 is ideal for families or individuals looking to cover mortgages, individuals who want an affordable coverage with future flexibility, and young families looking for an affordable plan.
  • The premiums increase every 30 years and are available at guaranteed premium rates.
  • It is easy to get Solution 30: first, find an advisor, meet with the advisor, and fill out the application.
  • The premium rates remain the same for 30 years, from the 31st year, the premiums will increase annually to age 85 and then remain the same to age 100.
  • You can also add this insurance product to the Empire’s other Solution series or even the CI product to create an all-inclusive insurance product that will allow you to save on the insurance fees.

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