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The Perfect Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

In Canada, the advent of the winter season brings with it a mass exodus of Canadians to warmer climates for their winter vacations. The flight patterns of these frigid weather-dodging individuals, known as snowbirds, vary from one to the next. Some may take flight for Florida or Hawaii, while others may choose to explore more tropical destinations, such as Puerto Vallarta or the Turks and Caicos Islands.

When packing for your escape from the polar vortex, it’s important to include your swimsuit, plenty of sunscreen, and your insurance policy. Blue Cross provides an excellent insurance plan for Canadian snowbirds designed to help you travel with ease. The snowbird travel insurance product provides access to round-the-clock emergency assistance services to protect you wherever you go.

What is included in Blue Cross Snowbird Insurance?

Blue Cross’s travel insurance products feature various useful benefits to help you cover the costs of hospital stays and other emergency medical expenses while you are out of the country.

Your snowbird travel insurance policy includes:

  • Coverage for hospitalization fees
  • 24-hour travel worldwide assistance
  • Coverage for some pre-existing medical conditions
  • Coverage for breaks in your trip to return to Canada
  • Coverage of up to $2,000 for emergency dental procedures
  • Optional deductibles on your emergency medical care expenses
  • Coverage of up to $5 million per trip for emergency medical care
  • Direct access to worldwide travel assistance through Blue Cross’s partners
  • Trip cancellation benefits that provides coverage for non-refundable travel costs
  • Coverage of up to $5,000 for a professional driver to return your vehicle to Canada
  • Coverage of up to $3,000 for meals and accommodations costs if your treatment delays your return
  • Coverage for the cost(s) of receiving treatment from a physician or other medical or paramedical specialist(s)
  • Coverage for the cost of emergency air medical transport or a commercial flight with medical escort accompaniment
  • Coverage for transportation fees and incidental expenses to bring a relative to your bedside if you remain in the hospital for longer than seven days

What else can my Blue Cross travel insurance plan do for me?

While Blue Cross’s snowbird travel insurance plans already offer comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies experienced abroad, there are other options available to you. Some of these options are outlined in the table below.

Type of Coverage Medical Only Annual Medical Package Plus Annual Package Plus
Emergency medical care Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medical follow-up upon return to Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trip cancellation No No Yes Yes
Trip interruption No No Yes Yes
Lost or damaged luggage No No Yes Yes


Where can I get Blue Cross Snowbird Travel Insurance?

If you are planning a vacation to a tropical locale this winter, Blue Cross travel insurance plans are a must. Before you take off, be sure to compare snowbird insurance quotes to learn more or contact an insurance broker today to purchase a policy.

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