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Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance is the perfect coverage for you when visiting Canada To say Canada has a lot to offer tourists and visitors would be no understatement. Each year, people from around the world descend upon Canada to take in its many sights and sounds. Whether you’re checking out Toronto’s various summer festivals or hitting the ski slopes in Banff, there is something for everyone in Canada. If you are considering a trip to Canada, it’s important to know that you are required by law to have insurance coverage. With so much out there to choose from, the question is which insurance policy is the best fit for you? Blue Cross offers travel insurance for visitors to Canada that eliminates every worry when you visit Canada. The coverage offered by this and other Blue Cross travel plans makes it easy for you and your family to spend time here. Your policy helps you cover the costs associated with emergency medical services, and best of all, visitors with a super visa can also take advantage of what this insurance plan has to offer.

What is included in this Travel plan?

Similar to other Blue Cross travel plans, visitors’ travel insurance comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies experienced while travelling. Blue Cross’s travel insurance for visitors to Canada is available in three denominations – $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000 – and each level includes the following benefits:

  • Hospitalization coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for treatment from physicians
  • Coverage for side trips taken outside of Canada
  • Travel assistance available 24/7 in 140 different languages
  • Coverage of up to $2,000 for emergency dental procedures
  • Coverage of up to $1,000 for meals and lodging if a medical emergency delays your return trip
  • Coverage of up to $300 per professional for paramedical treatment as prescribed by a physician
  • Coverage for air ambulance or commercial flight transport to return to your country of origin with a medical escort

Who is this insurance policy for?

Blue Cross’s travel insurance for visitors to Canada is intended for:

  • International students and workers
  • Canadian residents returning to Canada
  • People interested in applying for a Super Visa
  • Tourists visiting Canada from foreign countries
  • New arrivals awaiting approval for provincial health insurance plans

Why should I get this Travel Insurance Plan?

Every traveller’s checklist should include clothing and other items necessary for their trip and having travel insurance coverage should be at the top of every visitor’s checklist. Medical emergencies could occur at any time, and if you purchase an insurance policy beforehand, you will have the coverage you need to manage out-of-pocket costs.

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