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Health Choice B

Higher Insurance Coverage Level Available in Sun Life Health Choice B

If you have lost your employer’s or group’s insurance coverage within the last 60 days and you truly need a sufficient coverage, Health and Dental Choice B might be the best option for you. This plan includes several features such as emergency travel medical coverage.

The plan features a combined lifetime maximum of $250,000 on all the benefits involved in the plan with the exclusion of emergency medical travel and dental coverage. To be eligible for this plan, you and your family must reside in Canada at the time of application.

Features and Options Available In the Health Choice B Plan

Options included in this plan includes prescription drugs, preventive dental care, and restorative dental care,  as well as supplemental healthcare such as accidental dental care, ambulance, hearing aids, medical equipment, and services, as well as in-home nursing. Other options include vision care, paramedical practitioner, and so forth.

  • It includes semi-private hospital room coverage and vision care.
  • A combined lifetime maximum of $250,000 is provided for all benefits excluding dental and emergency medical travel.
  • Reimbursement for preventive and restorative care is also available in the plan.
  • Reimbursement is also provided for supplemental healthcare, paramedical practitioner services as well as prescription drugs.

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