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Express Critical Illness Insurance Enhanced plan

Protect Yourself with a More Advance Express Critical Illness Coverage with the Enhanced Plan

No one desires or plans for critical illness but the fact that illnesses may occur cannot be overlooked. When they occur, critical illnesses may result in unexpected expenses which could really impact heavily on your personal savings. But with the express critical illness enhanced plan, you can prevent unexpected expenses in the event of a critical illness.

Generally, the express critical illness plan includes a total of 7 life-threatening illnesses. The insured is covered if he falls ill of any of the conditions. However, three of these conditions are covered in the enhanced plan. These include cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

Why you should go for the Express Critical Illness Enhanced Plan

The enhanced plan of the express critical illness coverage includes a coverage amount of $25,000. To register for this plan, the insured should not be younger than age 18 and he/she should not be older than age 65.

  • The insured will receive a tax-free lump sum if diagnosed with any of the aforementioned conditions and survives the condition for 30 days.
  • The plan includes 30 days free look which allows you to determine whether or not the coverage is adequate for you.
  • You don’t need a medical exam or blood test to register for this plan.
  • Only three critical illnesses are included in the plan.
  • The coverage amount for the enhanced plan is $25,000.
  • Your age range must be from 18 to 65, both inclusive, to register for this plan.

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