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Equation Generation IV

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Equation Generation IV – The Universal Life Insurance with Awesome Benefits

If you want an investment opportunity with tax advantage as well as life insurance with cost-effective features, Equation Generation IV, a universal life insurance offered by Equitable is the best option for you. This insurance plan has flexible and affordable features that will make easy for you to customize your plan to suit your needs.

Equation Generation IV has two plan types, namely, Equation Generation IV with bonus and Equation Generation IV Low Fees. The first offers an incentive bonus and also an investment bonus that does not depend on the rate of returns or market performance whereas the latter provides an incentive bonus and also offers low management fees.

Why You Need Equation Generation IV Universal Life Insurance by Equitable Life of Canada

There are lots of high performing investment options included in the Equation Generation IV. Equitable can help you to choose the investment option that will best suit your risk tolerance and financial goals if you complete the Universal Life Protector Profiler Questionnaire. You can also bundle the term life and EquiLiving critical illness plans to help protect your life and health needs.

  • Equation Generation IV is an ideal insurance plan for you if you need a tax-advantaged investment opportunity and also a cost-effective life insurance plan.
  • The plan is of two types namely, Equation Generation IV with Bonus and Equation Generation IV Low Fees.
  • Your cash surrender value of your policy can serve as collateral for tax-free bank loan.
  • Your plan is easily customizable. You can bundle term life insurance and EquiLiving critical illness insurance in this package to help protect both your life and health needs from a single box.
  • A wide range of investment options is offered by Equation Generation IV. Equitable Life is always available to help you choose the best option if you complete the Universal Life Investor Profiler Questionnaire.

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