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Family Critical Illness Insurance

Adequate Protection for Your Family with Sun Life Family Critical Illness Insurance

The future is uncertain.

You can only chart the course of your future through your present plans and actions. Protecting your family is of paramount importance. With Sun Life Canada Family Insurance, you can secure the future of your family with ease.

A family can be put to financial strain if a member of the family falls sick unexpectedly. With Sun Life Canada Family Critical Illness Insurance, you will have the financial help needed to take care of your children in case of serious illness. The lump sum provided in this plan can also be used in paying off mortgage, retirement savings and for educational purposes.

Why You Need a Family Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Sun Life Canada Family Critical Illness Insurance gives you the time and leverage to care for your children without losing your income. You need both income and time to raise a family and with family critical illness. An insurance package like this provides every necessary feature to help you care for your family.


  • This plan can help you to secure your family’s future.
  • It includes a lump-sum cash benefit that can be used to cater for education, mortgage, retirement and even child care.
  • The critical illness plan covers anything you really want as far as critical illness and your family care are concerned.
  • It provides you the time needed to take care of your family.
  • If a member of your family falls critically ill, this plan will help reduce the financial impact on you.

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