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Our companies and are wholly owned by Alliance Income Services Corp. Alliance Income Services Corp along with Alliance income Insurance Corp are affiliated brokerage firms that are licensed in some Canadian Provinces to offer a range of insurance products including; Commercial General Liability, Personal Lines and Life and Health Insurance. and are not licensed entities but at times will operate through its parent company (Alliance income Services Corp for Life and Health products acting as the broker and its affiliate Alliance Income Insurance Corp acting as the broker for General Line products), where applicable and licensed to do so to provide offers through links approved by Financial/Insurance institutions providing the offers or promotions.


Quote Disclosure

  1. and links and/or comparison services for insurance and financial products including insurance rates/offers, mortgage rates/offers, find a real estate agent offers, credit cards offers, and home, automobile insurance rates/offers. (combined, “Financial Products for offers and promotions”), to allow Users to compare rates for promotions and offers through links direct from institutions portals to select the Financial Products that such users are able to make a decision best suited to their needs. In addition, where certain Financial/Insurance Products listed on the Website for which we do not have access to detailed information about features and benefits. For such products, you can submit your contact information and we will forward your information and request directly to the third party Financial Products provider or Broker (“Vendor/institution”), who will contact you with more information about the requested Financial Product and/or Services
  2. Affiliate Disclaimer: Alliance Income Services Corp also owns a Lead Aggregator a financial leads distribution company operating under the name All quote request forms coming from and are transferred to CRM system and are shared with approved local brokers/agents who will then provide a quote for Financial/ Insurance products requested.
  3. You agree and understand. By using the Services, you acknowledge that and provide a platform for users to get quotes/information find an Agent and apply online through links direct through a Broker/Agent and/or direct through an institution. Where a licensed Broker/Agent is involved through a link it will state this as such on the link being applied for and/or on the Site at the bottom of the page.
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  1. Insurance Quotes. If you are interested in an insurance quote, you will be asked to fill out a form. Once you press the (Get a Quote) you may be re-directed to one of the partners where you can input your information and receive an insurance quote. We may have different partners depending on what type of insurance you need. Additionally, the information that you will be asked to provide will also differ depending on what your insurance needs are. By submitting your information, you hereby consent to being redirected to the Site of one of our partners and you also become a subscriber of our services which include offers and promotions that we may email you about. You can always unsubscribe at any time by sending us an email at or unsubscribe directly on the email you receive about our promotions and offers.


Credit Cards Disclosure and has business relationships with some credit card issuers featured on this site. We may receive compensation from these issuers when consumers apply for and/or are approved for a credit card through links on this website. For example, when a visitor clicks on an “Apply Now” button, we may be compensated if that visitor is approved for a card.

We at certain times may promote credit cards that we deem help us increase our revenue. We make no recommendation in respect to what a consumer ultimately will decide to proceed with.


Product Guide Disclosure – Insurance and for the convenience of the consumer will include all Insurance Company and/ or Wholesaler TPA names and their products offerings on our Site. We will provide the contact information in which a consumer has the option to call the Insurer/TPA directly and inquire about products or services. Consumer’s will also have the option of filling up a form on our site in which a local Broker/Agent if available may also be able to help with the inquiry. If the Broker/Agent is not able to help, we will refer your information to the Insurance Company and/ or Wholesaler TPA.


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