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The Shiba Inu is the most popular dog breed in Japan. They are sweet-natured, confident, and spirited dogs.
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Shiba Inu Pet Insurance Overview

Shiba Inu pet insurance

Learn about Shiba Inu Pet Insurance

The ancient Japanese breed, Shiba Inu, is known for its alertness, attentiveness, and for being active. The breed is commonly nicknamed “Shiba” or “Shibe” and it is one of the smallest of the six distinct and original spitz breeds of Japan origin, others are Akita, Kai Dog, Shikoku, Kishu, and Hokkaido. Canines in this breed have small sizes but they are well-muscled, especially when employed as hunters.

This is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Shiba has been in existence since 300 B.C. The breed got its name as a result of its history as a hunter dog in Japan’s rugged mountains. The word “Shiba” stands for “Brushwood” indicating his reddish color or the brush in the mountains, while “Inu” is a Japanese word for “dog”. The first Shiba Inu breed to enter the United States was imported by a military family in 1954.

Pets need care, attention, and love. In most cases, good grooming, good nutrition, and enough exercise may be necessary to maintain the dog in the best condition. Even with the proper care, you may still need to take out Shiba Inu pet insurance. Shibas are not immune to certain illnesses. The dog can still become critically ill and in that case, you may need to stash out a lot of money for his treatment but Shiba Inu pet insurance can save you the stress.

However, before taking out Shiba Inu pet insurance, it may be necessary to take a good look at the policy and understudy the coverage. It is important to compare various policy options and shop around in order to go for the best coverage for your furry friend.

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Why Shiba Inu Pet Insurance Is Important

Shiba Inu is generally a healthy breed but they may be prone to joint problems and some other health problems. So, Shiba owners are advised to perform periodic joint examinations for their pets throughout its life. Canines in this breed may also develop eye problems over time and so you need to perform eye tests annually. If the dog is not diagnosed with a joint problem by age two, the Shiba Inu will be considered joint-free.

Some other health conditions the breed is known for include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, cataracts, glaucoma, allergies, and so forth.

Some of these conditions will cost thousands of dollars in veterinary care. Hip dysplasia, for instance, cost up to $5,000 in veterinary treatment and you may even spend more for more complicated processes. However, with Shiba Inu pet insurance, you don’t have to bother about the cost of treatment but you can access the best veterinary care for your furry friend.

Here is a list of common sicknesses Shiba Inu might develop:

  • Allergies
  • Chylothorax
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Tail Chasing/Spinning
  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Entropion etc.

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Shiba Inu Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: Japan

Average height: 14.5 – 16.5 inches (male), 13.5 – 15.5 inches (female)

Average weight: 23 pounds (male), 17 pounds (female)

Life expectancy: 13 – 16 years

Colors: Black & Tan, Cream, Black Sesame, Red Sesame, Red, Sesame

Exercise Requirements: 30 – 45 minutes per day

Temperament: Charming, Attentive, Fearless, Keen, Alert, Active, Faithful, Confident.

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like hip dysplasia, entropion, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma, allergies, patellar luxation, etc.

Energy level: Energetic

Dog Breed Group: Non-Sporting Group

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Shiba Inu Pet Insurance News

After being reunited with Yoshi, a 5-year-old Shiba Inu, a Laval family is breathing a sigh of relief. Yoshi left his home in Saint-Francois district in Laval but he was found in Rivière-des-Prairies neighborhood in Montreal. In other words, the dog crossed a part of the ice-covered river.

Holding his infant daughter Emma, Eric Van Der Elst said: “he is important to us and for Emma too. She loves her so much”.

The family jumped into action as soon as they noticed that their dog is missing. They did everything they can, wrote on Facebook pages, recruited family members to help in the search, went out in their cars. They even closed their business for a day to look for Yoshi.

Stephanie Raymond, Van Der Elst’s partner said: “It is very hard to stop searching, you never know if an hour more will make the difference”.  It turned out that the dog might have taken a long walk.

Raymond said she thinks the dog got scared since there was no fence and no paws going for the river. The dog was found the next day in the east end of Montreal. When he was finally picked, Yoshi was in a good shape irrespective of the long journey.

The pooch was found by an unknown Samaritan who brought him to Berger Blanc, a contracted animal service provider in Laval.

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