Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance

Known as the 'Royal Dog of Madagascar,' these pups are happy-go-lucky companions. They create tight, loving bonds with their owners and are endlessly amusing.
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Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance Overview

Coton de Tulear pet insurance

Learn about Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance

Standing between 9 and 11 inches and weighing not more than 13 pounds, Coton de Tulear is an exceptionally charming and small dog. He is nicknamed “Coton” or “Cotie”. He is a bright dog with a clownish personality who loves to have a good time. Cotie enjoys following his favorite person around. He also enjoys cavorting and clowning all day.

The breed is unique for its profuse white coat which is as soft as cotton. The word “Coton” in its name is the French rendering for cotton. The breed is named after the seaport of Tulear in Madagascar where it originated. The breed was refined into the Cotie we know today when it was discovered by French tourist to Madagascar in the 1960s. The first of the breed was registered with AKC in 2014.

Coties are beautiful, charming, intelligent and wonderful dogs. They bond with their owners and can quickly become your best friend. Cotons require regular care, exercises, and good food to be healthy. One way to take care of your furry friend is by taking out the right Coton de Tulear pet insurance.

If you intend to take out pet insurance, it is advisable you do that early. Genetic diseases and chronic illnesses manifest easily as pets age. Once a pet is diagnosed with chronic illness, that condition will no longer be covered under the pet insurance policy. If you want to get comprehensive coverage, you definitely need to take out the pet insurance as soon as possible.

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Why Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance Is Important

As typical of small dogs, Coties have a long lifespan. They may live up to 15 to 19 years. However, certain illnesses may cut short the life of your pet. This is why you need to take good care of your pet and also have Coton de Tulear pet insurance in place to cover any illness or medical condition your furry friend might develop.

The most serious health problem with the breed includes eye problems, heart problems, liver shunts and so forth. Most of these conditions will cost more than $3,000 in veterinary care and treatment. You do not want to spend such an amount of money out of pocket, do you? This is why you should take out Coton de Tulear pet insurance as soon as possible.

Here is a list of common sicknesses Coton de Tulear might develop:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Heart problems
  • Back problems
  • Liver shunts, etc.

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Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: Madagascar

Average height: 10 – 11 inches (male), 9 – 10 inches (female)

Average weight: 9 – 15 pounds (male), 8 – 13 inches (female)

Life expectancy: 15 – 19 years

Colors: Black, White, Tri-color, Lemon & White, Black & White, Gray & White

Dog Breed Group: Non-Sporting Group

Temperament: Lively, Charming, Affectionate, Bright, Playful, Trainable, Happy-Go-Lucky, Intelligent, Vocal.

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, heart problem, progressive retinal atrophy, back problems, etc.

Energy level: Average

Tendency to Bark: High

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Coton de Tulear Pet Insurance News

After receiving a tip from the public, animal protection officers seized 11 puppies and 18 adult dogs from a Squamish dog breeder. According to the BC SPCA, the animals met the definition of being “in distress” under the provincial law.

The dogs include Old English sheepdogs, a Tibetan terrier, Coton de Tulear, and bearded collies; and one of the female dogs is pregnant.

BC SPCA said that the dogs were suffering from several illnesses such as overgrown nails, matting, skin infections, ear infections, severe dental diseases.

When recovered, they were taken care of by the West Vancouver shelter and the costs of their veterinary treatments are running into thousands of dollars.

BC SPCA’s chief enforcement officer said that it is possible that the animal welfare agency will pursue charges. Marcie Moriarty said that they cannot say for certain how long the breeder has been in business but his history with animals dates back to several years. “The dogs appear to be purebreds; these are high-value dogs”, she said.

Due to the incident, the BC SPCA had to work together with the provincial government to set up regulation for animal breeders to prevent such incident from occurring again. The dog will not be up for adoption for weeks.

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