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British Columbia Life Insurance Overview

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Buying life insurance in British Columbia is an important decision that could affect your entire life. You need to ask yourself a number of questions before choosing a life insurance plan. It is important to determine what you need life insurance for, the amount of coverage you need, the kind of coverage you want and the insurance plan to opt for. The cost of British Columbia life insurance is not too high but the insurance rates could differ with the provider. Call Insurdinary for term life insurance quotes British Columbia residents can afford.

In Insurdinary, we compile the best insurance quotes supplied by British Columbia life insurance providers. This will make it easy for you to compare and save on your life insurance plan. The cost of term life insurance quotes in British Columbia should not be excessively high. This is why our expert advisors are always ready to provide you with the right life insurance quote that is suitable to your budget.

The cost of everything has hit record highs from groceries to gas and housing. If you have a dependent or family, you definitely do not want to leave them in a difficult financial situation when you die. The best way to protect your family’s financial future is to get adequate life insurance coverage. However, the perfect life insurance coverage for you could be expensive especially if you fail to shop around. This is why our expert insurance advisors are always available to help you in getting affordable British Columbia insurance quotes at the best price.

When you call Insurdinary, we can assure you of the guidance you need for the best result in your insurance needs. We deal with the most renowned insurance providers in Canada and therefore can provide you with the most competitive quotes, allowing you to compare and save.

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British Columbia Life Insurance Details

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With a cursory search on British Columbia life insurance quotes, you will find lots of life insurance quotes. But to get the most appropriate British Columbia life insurance quote, you need to know what you want. You also need to meticulously compare policy options available to you and choose the best coverage for you.

With several life insurance providers in British Columbia, comparing British Columbia life insurance policy option could be a herculean task. You could end up spending the entire day to compare and search for a great coverage. Rather than spending all the time to get the right insurance quote, you can call our insurance experts at Insurdinary to get the expert advice and answers you seek.

Our experts are always ready and available to make life easier for you. We compile some of the best life insurance quotes from several providers in British Columbia and can guide you to compare the best options for you in order to choose the most appropriate coverage depending on your needs and budget. When you call our experts at Insurdinary, you will get expert guidance and service as well as the best quotes at the most competitive price.

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BC Life Insurance News

A British Columbian man, Dr. Kevin McKechnie, says his life insurance provider – Canada Life – is charging him about $800 per month without his consent, and he is fighting to get back his money.

McKechnie noticed an increase in his policy payment by more than 500% in March 2017 and upon investigating, he realized that his insurance provider had withdrawn a total of $4,706.4 for six payments.

Previously, McKenchie paid $143.55 per month for life insurance but was told that his 10-year term was automatically renewed because he failed to cancel it. The company claimed to have sent the notification to an address he had not lived for the past 8 years and did not make any further attempt to send it to his new address.

McKenchie had written to Canada Life to explain the situation and requested for a refund but was denied. Canada Life refused to comment on the client’s specific matter, stating privacy and further pointed out that the auto renewal is in place to ensure that clients are continually protected.

McKechnie admitted he is not without fault but also said that the company’s policy is questionable. He said it is unethical and he doubts if he is the only person victimized. McKechie contacted the Better Business Bureau about the issue but was told to contact the company’s internal complaint department.

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BC Insurance Regulatory Body

The Insurance Council of British Columbia is the British Columbian government’s insurance regulatory body that makes sure that salespersons, licensed agents, and adjusters functions within a professional framework. The body promotes ethical conduct, competence, and integrity.

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