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Assumption Life Health Insurance Overview

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Assumption Life is an insurance company established in Massachusetts in 1903 (and currently based in Moncton, New Brunswick) with the sole purpose to protect and ensure the well-being of the Acadian family. However, over the years, the company’s scope and mission have evolved and became larger to include all of Canada. The team is led by a skilled team of men and women whose core aim is to ensure the growth and success of the company.

Assumption Life understands the importance of being a good corporate citizen and is committed to this purpose. Its social responsibility contributes to the development of the community through a number of philanthropic activities. Currently, Assumption Life has more than 85,000 policies in force and over $1.5 billion in assets.

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Get the Right Assumption Life Health Insurance Plan for You

Assumption Life’s group health coverage offers robust protection. The insured can use their Assumption Life’s drug and dental card anywhere in Canada. The group health coverage includes the following features:

  • Health insurance comprising paramedical services, nursing care, orthopedic shoes and so forth.
  • Drug plan.
  • Vision coverage.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Hospitalization coverage.
  • Second medical option.
  • Health and wellness portal.
  • Cost plus.
  • Formulary protect and formulary protect

Assumption Life also offers a group critical illness plan that covers 25 critical illnesses and additional 6 conditions for dependent children.

What Does Assumption Life Group Benefit Cover?

Assumption Life offers several group insurance coverage designed for employers and organizations. The group insurance coverage offers flexibility and allows you to choose the best solution for your people.

The group coverage offered by assumption life includes:

  • Group health coverage.
  • Group dental coverage.
  • Group life coverage.
  • Group disability coverage, and
  • Critical illness coverage.

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Assumption Life Health Insurance News

The former Chief Executive of Assumption Life, Paul LeBlanc, said on the second day of his emotional sentence hearing that he committed fraud to please a difficult client, Norman LeBlanc. In tears, Paul LeBlanc told the court that he took out fraudulent loans that totalled $630,000 in clients’ names without their knowledge.

Paul and Norman are not relatives but Paul was listed as a special friend in Norman’s obituary after he died in 2014 before any charges were laid. Paul pointed out that he was bullied by Norman and he could not say no because he was under obligation to please the client.

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Assumption Life Health Insurance FAQ

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