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Nunavut Funeral Insurance Overview

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Funeral arrangements are usually involving; most people who lost their dear ones are emotionally attached to the situation and are not usually emotionally strong enough to plan a funeral. However, a funeral is a celebration of a person’s life and it should be well-celebrated and well-planned.

To properly plan a funeral, you need the service of an accredited funeral director in Nunavut. A funeral director will help you to plan and preplan a funeral. The director will ensure that the funeral is carried out with dignity and professionalism. He will ensure that the wishes of the deceased and the family are satisfied.

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Nunavut Bereavement Authority

The Government of Nunavut is in-charge of administering and managing the activities of funeral directors, funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums and so forth. The government covers the burial of certain individuals under specific circumstances. It takes care of the insurance industry through the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance located in Iqaluit through the Nunavut Insurance Act.

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Nunavut Obituary and Mortality Rate

Nunavut has one of the lowest numbers of deaths and mortality rate per 1,000 population in Canada. The number of deaths and mortality rate in Nunavut has fluctuated over the years. The mortality rate in Nunavut has decreased from 5.5 in 2013 to 4.4 in 2017 while the number of deaths over the same period decreased from 194 to 168.

An obituary is very important in Nunavut to celebrate a dead loved one. It is a notice of death placed on a newspaper or online and it includes a brief biography of the deceased.

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Nunavut Funeral Insurance Guide

The government of Nunavut administers the prearrangement and arrangement of funerals, cremations, and burials in Nunavut.

The government covers individuals covered under the Children and Family Service Act in case of death. You can get more information about Nunavut funeral insurance guide here.

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Nunavut Funeral Insurance News

Jaffar Gebara, the only funeral director in Iqaluit said that he has $350,000 in unpaid invoices for burials that date back to 2013. Gebara takes care of about one body in a week; he stated that most burials are never paid.

Gebara estimated that there are 50 deaths in a year, 30 families cover a fee of $6,000 per burial on their own and most of the families cannot afford it.

Others are covered under income assistance, medical travel, or work health benefits plans. But Gebara said that he is often forgotten when the paperwork is filled out and the money comes in especially in the event of work benefits.

The city pays Gebara to dig the graves and to maintain graveyards in town. He pointed out that his $6,000 fee is about half for the casket and the rest is split between transportation, administration and corpse preparation.

Gebara added that he flies the caskets by air cargo one at a time because he does not have enough space to store them. His morgue is located at the Qikiqtani General Hospital and the business operates out of a home office.

However, the business is not doing well. Gebara closed Qikiqtani Outfitting, his clothing store last year after he invested all of his resource from the clothing store into the funeral home business. When Gebara started learning the business from Bryan Pearson, the first undertaker in the city, the territorial government covered all the burial costs but the government has since stopped catering for the costs.

In some other communities, compassionate committees come together to bury the dead at no cost to the families or at a reduced cost, but Iqaluit is different. He added that people were surprised when he started asking them for money for their service especially since they are grieving.

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