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British Columbia Funeral Insurance Overview

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When faced with a funeral, most Canadians usually don’t know how to organize a proper event because they lack the prior knowledge or experience of organizing such an event. This is where the service of an accredited funeral director in British Columbia comes in. With the help of an accredited funeral director, you can make the funeral less burdensome to your loved ones.

A funeral director in British Columbia will offer you a range of services that allows you to choose the exact kind of funeral you want. The goal of a funeral is to celebrate a person’s life and a funeral director is ready to help you to make sure that the wishes of the deceased and those of his family are fulfilled.

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BC Funeral Insurance Details

British Columbia  Bereavement Authority

The Consumer Protection BC is established to protect consumers in British Columbia. The function was previously performed by the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. Consumer Protection BC is in charge of the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act that regulates activities of funeral providers, cemeteries, funeral homes’ licensed staff, and crematoriums.

The Consumer Protection BC’s legislative framework comprises four major statutes and several related regulations. The Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Act provides guidelines to funeral, burial or cremation in B.C. For instance, section 5 of the Act stipulates who makes important decisions regarding the care of loved ones after their death.

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British Columbia Obituary and Mortality Rate

The number of deaths and mortality rates per 1,000 population in British Columbia is increasing every year, according to data from Statistics Canada. The data show that the mortality rate per 1,000 population in British Columbia increased from 7.2 in 2013 to 8.0 in 2017. However, a recent report indicates that there is a drop in the B.C. mortality rate as a result of preventable causes such as smoking during pregnancy.

An obituary in British Columbia is often done in honour of a deceased resident, especially seniors. It is a notice of death that includes a brief biography of the deceased and usually published online or in a newspaper.

BC Funeral Insurance Guide

The British Columbia Funeral Association provides several options, choices and supports when it comes to pre-planning, prearranging and arranging funerals, cremations, and burials in British Columbia.

The service provides guidance for pre-planning a funeral and also in finding deathcare services. You can go through the directory to find cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes in your city.

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BC Funeral Insurance News

Canadians are becoming more creative about what should happen when they die; the most interesting part is that most Canadians now custom-design their funerals to their individual preferences. At the same time, funeral businesses, both small and big are readily available and eager to meet the teeming needs.

Krystal Riddell, a funeral director from Niagara Falls, said that our generation is no longer going the traditional way. Riddell launched Essentials Cremation and Burial Services in a bright, modern space in a strip mall in 2017.

Riddell provides services to customers for the burial and cremation of their loved ones as well as a funeral celebration after the burial or cremation. He said they handle party planning but he does not specialize in planning parties.

Kathy and John Anstruther, both baby boomers, have already planned their own funerals using Riddell’s services. According to Kathy Anstruther, when the time comes, it will hopefully make things easier for our kids.  Both Kathy and John Anstruther are not interested in the usual expensive send-off; they are going for an environmentally friendly burial in a wicker casket.

John Anstruther said they don’t need the big rah-rah that comes with spending all the money for a big fancy casket and Kathy added that they would prefer to leave the additional money for their children. She added that the children will need the money more when they are gone since everything is now expensive.

The couple would prefer an upbeat affair in order to lighten the mood of the people and to minimize the grief.

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