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Yukon operates a private auto insurance system, which means that private auto insurers in the territory set their own premiums. Moreover, Yukon auto insurance rate is one of the cheapest of all the Canadian jurisdictions. Even with its cheap auto insurance rate, you can save a lot of money on your coverage by opting for a cheaper and more affordable policy.

It is easy to save on your Yukon auto insurance coverage. You can improve your driving record, get more driving experience, use a cheaper car and adjust your coverage amount but none of these methods is more effective than shopping around for a cheaper policy.

However, shopping around for policy could take a chunk of your time. You want to focus on what truly matters for you, don’t you? Call Insurdinary for Yukon auto insurance coverage suitable for you. When you call insurdinary.ca, we will connect you to insurance advisors in Yukon who will guide you to choose the most affordable auto insurance policy for Yukon residents.

Our insurance advisors make the job easy for you by compiling and comparing auto insurance quotes from reputable auto insurance companies in Yukon. This means that they can compare quotes from oodles of auto insurance companies for you in the same amount of time it will take you to get just a single plan.

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Yukon Auto Insurance Details

Factors that affects Auto Insurance rates in Yukon

Several factors determine the amount you pay on Yukon auto insurance coverage. Auto insurance companies consider the following factors when calculating your auto insurance rate.

  • Your driving record
  • Your age and gender
  • Your driving experience
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The location and use of your vehicle
  • The amount of coverage you chose.

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Yukon Auto Insurance News

The Yukon RCMP began asking Yukoners to provide roadside breath samples after federal changes to alcohol-impaired driving law become effective last December.

During the holiday, police demand that drivers submit to roadside alcohol screening tests if they violate traffic laws such as blowing through a stop sign or speeding. Drivers are also required to submit to alcohol screening tests if they have stopped during a random roadside sobriety testing program.

Police usually have the ground to request follow-up tests when drivers blow over the legal limits. The tests oftentimes result to criminal charges. According to Sgt. Jane Boissonneault, it makes it simpler for the police to request for the breath sample at the roadside but the police either have to smell liquor or have admission in the past.

According to Leo Lane of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada in Whitehorse, you could be found guilty of a criminal offense if you refuse a breath sample. This may result in a minimum fine of $2,000 or you may lose your license. Lane said that it's done at the roadside because it is a screening sample only and it cannot be used as evidence in court to get a criminal conviction. However, it gives the police officer the legal ground to take you to the police station and request for the full breath sample.

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