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Toronto Auto Insurance Overview

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Toronto has a private auto insurance system. Even though Toronto auto insurance rates are regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, car insurance companies in the city compete for business and therefore insurance rates vary wildly.

The difference in Toronto auto insurance rates could be hundreds of dollars, in some cases, it could be thousands of dollars. You don’t want to spend extra money on your Toronto auto insurance when you can get it for less, do you? This is why you need to compare Toronto auto insurance quotes and shop around before you decide on a policy.

Shopping around for Toronto auto insurance policy can take you a lot of time and effort but we are here to make it a lot easier for you. Call Insurdinary for auto insurance quotes available to Toronto residents. When you call Insurdinary, we will connect you to insurance advisors in Toronto who will guide you on the best auto insurance available to you.

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Toronto Auto Insurance Details

Auto Insurance things that you should know

Toronto is undoubtedly the most expensive city in Canada. The cost of everything from house rent to auto insurance is high in the Ontarian city. According to Kanetix, Toronto is the fourth most expensive city in Ontario by auto insurance with average auto insurance rate of $1,886, over 30% higher than the already high provincial average.

Even if you live on a big paycheck, you definitely want to save on your Toronto auto insurance. But saving on Toronto auto insurance means getting cheap coverage. You will need to shop around and compare policy options in order to get cheap and suitable Toronto auto insurance policy.

Most Toronto residents stick with their auto coverage, even though it is high, because of the stress and time it would take to find a better and cheaper policy. However, Insurdinary can make it a lot easier for you. The insurance advisors will provide you with the requisite guidance and advise you need to choose the best coverage that would save you thousands of dollars in Toronto auto insurance.

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Toronto Auto Insurance Quotes Trends in 2017

  • Average car insurance savings for drivers in Toronto: $128
  • Average car insurance premiums currently paid by drivers in Toronto: $1,864
  • Most popular car insured by married couples in Toronto: 2017 Volkswagen Jetta 4DR.
  • Most popular vehicle insured by singles in Toronto: 2017 Honda Civic EX 4DR.
  • Percentage of Toronto drivers who have not had an accident in the past 10 years: 90%.

Source: 2017 collected completed auto insurance quotes

Best Driving Schools in Toronto

  • Globe Driving Academy - 1219 Street Clair Avenue West, Suite G1, Toronto, ON M6E 1B5
  • AMB Driving School - 741 Broadview Avenue, Suite 203, Toronto, ON M4K 3Y3
  • Hi-Tech Driver Education - 1118 Wilson Avenue, Unit 203, North York, Toronto, ON M3M 1G7
  • Driving Skills Academy - 2296 Eglinton Ave E b101, Scarborough, ON M1K 2M2
  • Honours Driving School - 46 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4T 1M9

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Toronto Collision Reporting Centers

The Toronto Police Service, private enterprise and insurance providers partner in the Collision Reporting Centers of Toronto. The centers are based on the concept of self-reporting collisions. If the collision results in property damage, the drivers involved are expected to report to the Collision Reporting Centers within 24 hours and a police officer would inspect the damaged vehicle.

After this, the driver would complete a collision report and thereafter he can leverage the Centers’ Insurance Services. To ensure early resolution of the claims process and timely reporting of the collision to the insurer, the insurer can be contacted on site.

When handling property damage collision, consideration is given to the time restraints and the driver’s convenience.

Toronto has two Collision Reporting Centers, namely:

113 Toryork Drive, North York
(416) 808-2222
Operation Time: Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. to Midnight

39 Howden Road, Scarborough
(416) 808-2222
Operation Time: Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. to Midnight

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Toronto Auto Insurance News

A study conducted by Colm Holmes, CEO of Aviva Canada, shows that most Ontarians believe that the auto insurance industry has been infiltrated with fraud and it needs to be fixed.

Canadians were paying $2 billion per year out-of-pocket for auto insurance, now 88% of drivers in Ontario believe that car repair shops are unnecessarily increasing the cost of repairs. Also, most Ontarians are of the opinion that the government ought to investigate and prosecute fraudulent claims.

Holmes said that consumers are shortchanged by dishonest service providers and claimants. The form of fraud is shocking and troubling and includes fraudulent sales and issuing of auto policies. He added that Aviva is fighting fraud because of the need to do better for honest drivers. Because of criminal fraud, honest drivers pay higher premiums.

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