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Saskatchewan Auto Insurance Overview

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Saskatchewan has a public auto insurance system. Saskatchewan SGI provides coverage to residents and their automobiles against traffic accidents and collisions; residents are required to hold at least the minimum coverage. This means that your Saskatchewan auto insurance rate could be higher than the provincial average.

However, you can easily reduce the amount you pay on Saskatchewan auto insurance if you have a good driving record, driving experience, and choose an adequate amount of coverage. It is very important to choose just the right amount of coverage because too much coverage will put pressure on your finances and you will spend a lot of money out of pocket if you opt for too little coverage.

We can help you to minimize the amount you pay on auto insurance. Call for Saskatchewan auto insurance quote suitable for you. When you call, we will connect you to reliable insurance advisors in Saskatchewan who will guide you to choose the best auto insurance coverage for Saskatchewanians. Our independent insurance advisors will also provide expert advice and guidance that would be relevant for you to save on your coverage.

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Saskatchewan Auto Insurance Details

Factors that affects Auto Insurance rates in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan auto insurance companies consider several factors when determining the amount you pay in auto insurance premium. The factors or variables considered are as follows:

  • Your driving record
  • Your age and gender
  • Your driving experience
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The location and use of your vehicle
  • The amount of coverage you chose.
  • Where you live in Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan Auto Insurance News

Auto insurance rate is on the increase in most jurisdictions in Canada but the reverse is the case in Saskatchewan as the provincial auto insurance rate plummets. In 2018, SGI the Saskatchewan government-run auto insurance monopoly applied for a rate decrease. The Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel is expected to look into the impact the decrease would have on the auto insurance industry and the customers.

Although the company did not provide the exact number, earlier in July 2018, Andrew Cartmell, the president and CEO of SGI said that there might be a decrease of few percents on the amount paid by customers. The company also told Canadian Underwriter that the strong investment earnings in 2017 and 2018 may make rate decrease possible. The Saskatchewan Auto Fund posted investment earnings of $162.8 billion for the period. The profits will benefit drivers and will be used for a rate reduction.

Besides Saskatchewan, two other Canadian provinces namely Manitoba and British Columbia require their residents to buy auto insurance from a public company. ICBC has been criticized for its high auto insurance rates. It has the highest auto insurance rate in Canada.

Critics blame the public auto insurance rate and the monopoly it has on the industry for the high rate. According to critics, ICBC does not have the incentive to reduce price and improve its services due to the lack of competition. The most vocal of the critics is the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), a body that represents most private insurers in the country.

However, considering other provinces such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan that also employ a public auto insurance system, it is clear that the problem of British Columbia is not its public insurance monopoly.

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