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NWT Auto Insurance Overview

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Northwest Territories is a fairly affordable Canadian territory in auto insurance. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada 2017 report, the territory has an average auto insurance rate of $978, making it the most expensive Canadian territory in auto insurance.

The rates offered by Northwest Territories auto insurance companies differ. In some cases, the difference in auto insurance rate even for the same car and driver could be in hundreds or thousands of dollars. The good news is that you have the option to shop around and compare policy options and compare policy options before you choose suitable coverage.

Northwest Territories has a plethora of insurance companies offering auto insurance coverage to residents. To get the most affordable coverage, it is customary to compare quotes from at least three companies. However, Insurdinary.ca can make it all easy for you. We can connect you to experienced insurance advisors who will help you to compare quotes and insurance rates offered by most of the auto insurance companies in the province.

This will save you the time and energy and help you to choose the most convenient and affordable coverage suitable for you.

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NWT Auto Insurance Details

Factors that affects Auto Insurance rates in Northwest Territories

Auto insurance companies in Northwest Territories consider a slew of factors when calculating and determining your auto insurance rate. The factors or variables considered by auto insurers are shortly outlined:

  • The type of vehicle you use.
  • Your driving record.
  • Your gender and age.
  • Your driving experience
  • The location and use of your vehicle.
  • The amount of coverage you selected.

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NWT Auto Insurance News

A tourist was struck by a tour vehicle at the Giant Mine dock on September 29 just after midnight. The visitor was injured but the incident demonstrates a concern in the booming N.W.T’s aurora industry.

The police described the collision as minor. The tour vehicle hit another company’s tourist while moving at a slow speed and no criminal charge was laid. RCMP and Yellowknife fire department was called to the site. The tourist flew back to Asia after being treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

The incident was posted in VanPeople, a popular Chinese website based in B.C., the author of the post alleged that the driver nearly killed the tourist, using a stimulating title. He also alleged that the driver did not have a proper driver’s license and that the vehicle did not have insurance or commercial license plate. However, it was unsure whether the author was present at the scene or not.

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