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Brampton Auto Insurance Overview

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Brampton has consistently maintained the number one spot as the most expensive city in Ontario by car insurance. Brampton’s average auto insurance rate of $2,392 is 65% above the already high provincial average of $1,448. Shockingly, Brampton’s auto insurance rate is up to 27% above Toronto’s average of $1,886.

Little wonder why most Brampton residents are always looking out for a cheaper Brampton auto insurance policy. Although Brampton auto insurance rate is generally high, the rates offered by auto insurers in the city vary wildly. As a matter of fact, the difference in rates could be up to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the insurance company and the car or driver insured.

This means that you can save a lot simply by going for the right insurance company. But how do you know the cheap Brampton auto insurance company for your specific requirement? Insurdinary is here to help you. When you contact us, we will connect you to reliable insurance advisors in Brampton who will help you to choose the most appropriate auto insurance company in the city.

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Brampton Auto Insurance Details

Auto Insurance things that you should know

Brampton auto insurance rates by different companies could vary by thousands of dollars even when charged for the same car and driver. You can save a lot of money by shopping around for cheaper coverage.

It is recommended that you request for quotes from at least three Brampton auto insurance companies before you choose an auto insurer in Brampton. However, we can connect you to insurance advisors who will help you to compare quotes from over 30 companies.

Our independent insurance advisors compile and compare auto insurance quotes from several auto insurance companies in Brampton. They will make the quote comparison a breeze for you and help you to save thousands of dollars on auto insurance per year.

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Brampton Auto Insurance Quotes Trends in 2017

  • Average car insurance savings for drivers in Brampton: $111
  • Average car insurance premiums currently paid by drivers in Brampton: $2,469
  • The most popular car insured by Brampton married couples: 2017 Toyota Corolla LE 4DR.
  • The most popular car insured by Brampton singles: 2017 Honda Civic LX 4DR.
  • Percentage of Brampton drivers who have not had an accident in the past 10 years: 90%

Source: 2017 collected completed auto insurance quotes.

Best Driving Schools in Brampton

  • Super Tech Driving School Inc. - Bartley Bull Parkway, Unit #13, Brampton, ON L6W 3T7
  • Competent Drivers of Canada Inc. - 380 Bovaird Drive East, Unit 105, Brampton, ON L6Z 2S1
  • Peel Driving School - 2130 N Park Drive, Unit# 243, Brampton, ON L6S 0C9
  • Competent Drivers - 380 Bovaird E, Brampton, ON L6Z 2S8
  • Excel Drivers - 5 Brisdale Dr #207, Brampton, ON L7A 0S9

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Brampton Collision Reporting Centers

If you are involved in an accident or collision in any city in Ontario, it is expected that you report the collision to the nearest Collision Reporting Center forthwith.

You don’t have to call the police to come to the scene. You should report the collision to the center if it does not involve any significant damage, injury, it involves damage above $2000 and the vehicles are also drivable. It is expected that you call the police as soon as possible if it involves a hit and run.

After a collision, you are advised to follow the standard protocol and obtain all the necessary information. Exchange contact with the other driver and also collect the contact information of any witness. You should also collect basic information relating to the other driver such as his/her contact information, driver’s license, vehicle information, and insurance information.

You can get a copy of your collision report online through Service Ontaro after you have reported the collision. You can only obtain the copy if the report has been processed. You may also order a collision report online.

Mississauga Collision Reporting Center opens 24/7 and is located at:

  • 21 Division: 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite C, Brampton, Ontario L6T 4B9 (905) 453-3311 ext. 2100
  • 22 Division: 7750 Hurontario Street Brampton, Ontario L6V 3W6 (905) 453-3311 ext. 2200

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Brampton Auto Insurance News

Medha Joshi, an Ontario woman and former Allstate employee has taken the insurance company to the court stating that she was fired for going against the company’s effort to stop selling plans to Brampton drivers. Joshi said she was reprimanded simply for saying that it was wrong.

Joshi filed a lawsuit late November 2018 in the Supreme Court of Ontario against the insurer. She was Allstate agency manager until October 2018 where she was in charge of a sales team that operates in the company’s Milton location.

She has worked in Allstate for six years since 2012, although she left to live in the UK in 2014 for a few months.

According to Joshi, she learned of a written managerial directive to stop offering auto insurance policies to Brampton residents after returning from a medical leave. The directive gave a number of reasons such as a high number of fraudulent claims, several claims, and frauds happening in the city, and so forth. But according to Joshi, the explanation did not add up and she alleges that the directive targets visible minorities.

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