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Most employers offer their staff a benefits package after a probationary period of either three or six months, depending upon the company’s policies. These packages usually feature a combination of different types of insurance designed to ensure your employees can cover or save on the costs of certain health or dental expenses in times of need. If you manage a business and are looking for an affordable group benefits plan, Green Shield Canada can help. Green Shield’s Employee Benefits packages go beyond traditional health and dental plans offered by most providers. Read on to learn more about the power of Green Shield’s Group Benefits coverage.

What are the coverages?

As a specialist in health and dental benefits, we partner with Canadian employers to build smart, sustainable benefits plans that are easy to manage.

With this, Green Shield came out to these employee benefits packages that provide the following types of coverage:

  • Dental, Drug and Extended Health Benefits
  • Traditional and Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Travel Benefits
  • Personal Spending Accounts
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Health Care Spending Accounts

Employees enrolled in the plan will also receive complimentary access to Green Shield’s Change4Life® online health management portal. Are Green Shield’s benefits coverage plans the correct fit for you? Find out by comparing health quotes online today.

Why should I get this plan for my staff?

There are several reasons why Green Shield’s Group Benefits coverage is an excellent choice for your employees.

  • Affordability - Green Shield’s plans are affordable, allowing you to provide your staff with a fully featured package while simultaneously saving money. This helps to reduce the various out-of-pocket costs associated with healthcare.
  • Easier claims processing - Once approved, your employees will gain access to Green Shield’s online portal and the GSC on the GO® mobile app to help manage their benefits, easily submit claims and follow up on claims processing.
  • A worthwhile incentive - Group benefits provide your staff with an incentive to remain working for your business.
  • Help is close at hand - You and your staff will have access to Green Shield’s customer service centre for answers to questions and resolutions to issues regarding plans, application, coverage and claims.

How does it work?

Group insurance plans are initially obtained by company owners. They may also hire a benefits consultant to help choose the best possible provider. In most companies, the plans are offered to employees through the human resources department.

When your business is approved for Green Shield’s benefits coverage, your employees have the option of accepting the plan, seeking out their own insurance policies or using a combination of both if they require additional or extended coverage.

What types of group benefits insurance exist?

There are three types of group benefits plans:

  • Fully featured plans - As suggested by the name, these plans offer the maximum amount of coverage and benefits options available.
  • Level-funded plans - Also known as partially self-funded plans, these plans are designed to be more cost-effective. They are essentially a combination of regular and self-funded health plans.
  • Self-funded plans - In this type of plan, employers use corporate funding to provide their employees with health benefits rather than relying on an insurance company to do so.

To get a better idea of the costs involved with each type of plan, you can compare group insurance quote now.

How are the claims submitted?

Green Shield employee benefits claims can be submitted online, via the Green Shield on the Go® mobile app or by mail. In some cases, certain medical institutions or specialists can submit claims for you.

If you are sending your claim through the mail, you must complete the form in full. The form must be received by Green Shield within 12 months of the date you received your services unless otherwise stated.

Where can I get Green Shield Group Benefits coverage?

You can obtain additional information about Green Shield’s benefits coverage by contacting our insurance agents, or by requesting insurance quotes and compare to see if the plans provide adequate coverage for your employees.


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