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It is generally difficult to obtain insurance coverage when you already have a serious health condition. Most providers prefer to stick with people in good health because of the huge cost involved with some serious health conditions. However, deferred life is an exact opposite of these. In fact, this insurance plan is designed for people with serious health conditions. Deferred Life is a simple but highly effective plan. It is a permanent insurance best for health conditions like diabetes, heart conditions and cancer.
This plan provides an ultimate solution to people who have been turned down from some other insurance plans due to their health conditions.

Features and Benefits

The face amounts of this insurance plan depend on the insured’s age. If the insured is between 18 and 60, he is guaranteed a minimum face amount of $10,000 and a maximum of $75,000. A minimum face amount of $5,000 and a maximum face amount of $50,000 is available for the insured if he is between 61 and 80.

  • The minimum age for procuring this insurance plan is 18.
  • The minimum and maximum face amounts for this plan are determined by the insured age.
  • The coverage provides an accidental death benefit to the insured irrespective of his age. This benefit is optional.
  • The insured is guaranteed a terminal illness benefit irrespective of his age.
  • Transportation benefit is included in the plan. This benefit does not depend on the age of the insured.
  • This plan is suitable for those who have serious ailments such as diabetics, heart condition, and



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