Home Sweet Home: The Top 10 Apps for Canada Homeowners

Posted on June 11, 2021

Out of all the Canadians that became homeowners last year, 97% are happy with their decision. Maybe it's the excitement of returning to some form of normalcy. This would explain the steady increase since August 2020 in the percentage of non-owners that expect to purchase a home in the upcoming year.

If you'll be counting yourself in this group who will be looking for that perfect place to call home, there are a few things you should do to ensure you make the right decision. A home is a major investment and as overwhelming as your hunt might seem, some apps can make the home buying process easier.

Once you've found the right home for you, you can continue to use apps to make the maintenance of your home easily manageable.

Read on to find out some of the top apps for Canadian homeowners.

The Advent of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications, mobile apps or simply apps are software applications or programs created to run on mobile devices. These can include phones, tablets or watches.

Many people consider "Snake" the first mobile app. It was built into the Nokia 6110 phone model in 1997. Something so simple that was once considered a novelty, has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Although early app usage centred around games and social media, this slowly changed to reflect changing lifestyle needs. This included photo sharing, learning apps, and online shopping. It's hard to imagine a world without them. 

Benefits of Using Apps

There is no doubt that apps have made tasks that were once time-consuming a lot easier. Just think of how they've made banking, paying bills, listening to music and even reading effortless. A well-designed app can:

  • Help you do everyday tasks faster
  • Store your data for easy access
  • Save your preferences for a more efficient experience
  • Remind you of tasks via notifications

Apps built specifically to assist homeowners are no exception. Many apps can make homeownership hassle-free. 

Homeownership 101

Owning a home is a huge investment that brings many benefits. You'll experience this instantly when you own your home, especially if you've been renting for most of your adult life. When you own a home you:

  • Have the freedom to do what you want with it
  • Can have an extensive garden
  • Have storage space
  • Can have a dog, any other pet and more than one
  • Can purchase neat tools to maintain your home

These are all great. But homeownership also means you're responsible for maintenance. This can include:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Repairing roof leaks
  • Caulking windows
  • Furnishing
  • Painting

This may seem like a lot, but, believe it or not, it can all become more manageable with the use of apps.

Top 10 Apps For Canadian Homeowners

Homeownership years ago seemed pretty straightforward. Back then, they didn't have a fraction of the technology that exists today. Imagine how much easier it is now. 

Some apps can help you through the homebuying process, renovating and general home maintenance. Here are some of the top ones you can use so you can experience hassle-free homeownership.


REALTOR.ca is a site that features listings of properties throughout Canada. It's one of the more popular real estate sites. This isn't surprising as it's operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

Updated daily, the site is an ideal place to find your perfect home. You'll not only have access to the latest listings, but it also provides demographics of neighbourhoods and access to local realtors. The REALTOR.ca app allows you to enjoy all these benefits on the go.

2. Google Maps

If you intend to move to a new neighbourhood, several apps can assist you in learning more about the area. Google Maps is one of them. It will allow you to get an aerial view of the area.

It's also a great way to see all the amenities that are close by and how long it will take for you to get to them from your new home.

3. Verico Mobile Mortgage Calculator

If you've found the ideal property, but you're not sure if you can afford it, a mobile mortgage calculator can help. Before you start looking for mortgage options, this app will assist you in determining how much money you need. You can find out details such as how much you qualify for and your monthly payments.

Knowing this will make it easy to compare mortgage rates and determine which is best for you. Having this information will also help you make the best choice when you get quotes from various mortgage providers.

4. Houzz

You've found the best mortgage rate and have been approved. However, despite falling in love with one of the many listings you've seen, you may want to make a few changes to make it your own. Your perfect home might also be a fixer-upper.

Whichever category your new home might fall under, Houzz is an app that can help you visualize your home just the way you want it. It allows you to connect with local designers and architects that can make your vision a reality.

5. Colorsmart

If you prefer a more personal touch when it comes to the interior design of your home, Colorsmart can get you on the right track. It will allow you to decide the best colours for the rooms in your home without having to open a paint can.

6. PRO Landscape Home

It's natural to want the interior of your home to be perfect and move-in ready. But don't forget the curb appeal of your home is just as important. This app focuses on the exterior of your home. 

It utilizes the photos you take and helps you to create various layouts of your landscape. It's a great way to visualize the possibilities!

7. Move Tools

When your home is ready it will finally be time to make the most important move of your life. There will be a lot to remember. Move Tools will help ensure you don't forget any details and that your move is as stress-free as possible.

The app provides checklists as you pack so that you know where everything is and where they'll need to go in your new home.

8. Jiffy

Homeownership is great but comes with a lot of responsibilities. You should put things in place so it's easy to deal with any issues that may occur. Jiffy is a great app to have at your fingertips so that you're well-prepared.

It gives you access to trusted service companies, allowing you to easily book plumbers, handymen, cleaners and any service you may need for your home. The great thing is that these services are available 24/7. The app also conveniently facilitates direct payment for these services.

9. Yelp

Once you've settled into your new home, it will be great to get to know your neighbourhood. Yelp can help you explore your new area. You can find grocery stores, or try new spas, restaurants, and pubs.

Check out the reviews, visit places, and add your own. It's one way to experience all your new neighbourhood has to offer.

10. Walkscore

Walkscore can make your exploration even more efficient if you want to truly get to know your area by walking. This app provides a perfect way to take in all the sites. It gives a walkability rating or the walk score of different cities. It calculates how long it will take you to get from one location to another.

However, if walking isn't for you, it can also give you a good idea of how long your commute will be using other modes of transport.

Other Homeowner Apps

These are just a few of the apps that can help homeowners. There are also homeowners' association apps that help with database and website management.

Inventory apps can also help you keep track of the valuables in your home. They not only allow you to list items, but you can also store videos and photos of them. This is particularly helpful if you ever have to file an insurance claim.

You can also use this information to gauge how much homeowners insurance you'll need. You can also use the list to get a homeowners insurance quote

Hassle-Free Homeownership

Imagine having everything you need for your home at your fingertips. This is exactly what the top homeowner apps can do for you. If you're in the market for a home, you can use apps to look for listings, learn about the neighbourhoods that interest you and calculate your mortgage.

Homeowners can use apps to create the perfect home they've always dreamed of. You can too. Use them to remodel, redesign, or find service providers to get the job done. Whatever your homeownership needs, chances are, there's an app for it.

Insurdinary can also help you to navigate homeownership. You can access quotes for your mortgage and home insurance and choose the one that's best for you. Contact us to get started today.

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