9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise

Posted on June 28, 2019

Anything can happen when you plan a cruise through the Bahamas or hundreds of other exotic locations. You cannot even begin to imagine the list of things that could go wrong on a cruise. The next time you get excited about a cruise trip, ensure to keep that in mind.

So what can you do to enjoy your cruise?

Fortunately, many travel insurance companies have emerged to cover the risks associated with travel tours. The organizations provide some assurance that they will cover up any mishap on your cruise.

Even if you lose your luggage on the trip, you can call the insurer for reimbursement. The concept of cruise insurance will help create your trip more fulfilling and stress-free.

Do not fret over a cancelled or a missed cruise, the insurer will take care of that while you enjoy a martini somewhere. Do you still think you only need travel insurance for trips on land? Think again. Here are the reasons to get travel insurance for a cruise trip.

1. Trip Cancellation

Sometimes, you might get to book for a cruise months or weeks before the actual day. The approach will help you to secure a spot, especially during the peak seasons.

However, anything could happen before that date. You could fall sick. Your business could require your full attention during that period. Your children could fall sick and need parental care.

So, what do you do to avoid cancellation penalties imposed by the travel company?

Get travel insurance for your cruises. The insurance cover will take care of the cancellation. It will bear the fines and costs of cancellation while you focus on your emergency.

The cruise ship insurance will provide an easy way out of the situation.

2. Trip Interruption

Many things can happen between when you board your cruise and arrive at the holiday destination. For example, you could receive notice of a family emergency or possible home related emergency.

Will you continue with the cruise or travel back home? Many people would immediately abandon the adventure and tend to their situation. However, such a decision will lead to many additional expenses.

For instance, you will need to cover the return fare and any hotel fees as you wait for your flight. Besides, you will not get compensation for the interrupted trip.

Travel insurance for cruises allows you to get a return flight and settle any other associated expenses to prevent additional tour charges. The insurer will even facilitate faster flights so that you can return home.
Sometimes, the cruise ship may experience mechanical problems that could delay the trip. Severe mechanical problems may force the management to cancel the trip. As well, there's always weather related concerns that can most certainly affect your nautical journey.

How would you feel after waiting for almost a year to travel to the Mediterranean or Bahamas? You don’t have to experience such frustrations. Pick up your phone and call the best cruise ship insurer in Canada. The cover will significantly prevent such inconveniences as the insurer can charter a different cruise ship heading to the same destination and settle all the waiting expenses.

3. Baggage Loss

You may have many travelers complaining of losing their luggage. It is very common, especially in cruise ships packed with hundreds or even thousands of individuals. In as much as you place all the appropriate measures to safeguard your items, you could still lose them.

In case of loss, the insurer will follow up with the cruise ship management. They will handle communication and investigations. If they fail to locate the bag, they will ultimately provide you with some compensation for the lost goods.

Enjoy your holiday without distractions.

4. Get Travel Insurance for a Cruise to Cover Medical Emergencies

Some individuals that travel may have medical conditions that require special care while other people may experience medical emergencies while on board. For instance, you could have forgotten your insulin at home and need an immediate injection.

You would spend a lot of money paying for the delivery of the medicine to your cruise or rather you would incur many expenses when the cruise management handles the logistics of transferring you to the nearest hospital.

You could also experience a slip and fall. The cruise will not cover for any accidents that occurred through your personal negligence.

They will also avoid bearing any costs for freak accidents on the boat. Therefore, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to get immediate treatment. Such unexpected expenses could ruin your trip.

Fortunately, cruise ship insurance provides for medical emergencies. The insurer can organize a helicopter to airlift you from the cruise ship to go and get treatment on the mainland. The insurance company will settle the transport costs and pay the hospitalization bills.

After treatment, they could even fly you back to the cruise to complete your journey.

Similarly, the insurance company will compensate for the cruise management for any expenses incurred in treating your wounds.

5. Problems with the Cruise Ship

Travel insurance can help you mitigate any financial problems that befall your cruise. You may have booked your ticket a few months earlier only for the company to go bankrupt.

Financial crises may affect the travel industry and affect your designated trip. Travel insurance can help sort such setbacks. The insurance companies can cover financial default on the part of the cruise organization.

The volatility of the global economy should encourage you to get such a cover to avoid disappointments in the future.

6. Security Threats in the Destination

The growing threat of terrorism and political unrest could disrupt your cruise. For example, you may hear of some terrorist attacks facing foreigners in your preferred destination.

What if you have already booked a ticket? Who will pay for the cancellation?

Travel insurance considers such scenarios. The cruise ship may not consider the reasons for cancellation and will undoubtedly impose a heavy fine on you. With cruise ship insurance, you can evade such scenarios and save on your hard-earned cash.

7. Emergency Evacuation

What about emergency evacuation from your destination because of unfavorable weather conditions for your health or some other reason? Such evacuations take a lot of resources and the travelling company will not wish to cover the costs.

Compare the travel insurance for cruises to determine some of the companies that offer emergency evacuations. You never know, you could need such services in your travels.

Some insurers offer evacuation services for bodies in case of death on board the cruise. Such services will ensure that your dependents will have an easy time trying to recover your body in case of a fatal accident at sea. The insurance cover may sound morbid, but why take chances during your cruise?

Anything could happen.

8. You Miss the Boat

Not everybody can always make it on time. You could miss your cruise because of some inevitable circumstances.

You could delay because your taxi experienced some issues along the way. Either way, how will you catch up with the cruise ship?

Well, some of the best travel insurance for cruises provide a means to resolve your problem. For example, they could fly you to the ship. However, that would cost a lot and many prefer to fly you to the next port of dock.

That means that if a ship travels from Canada and plans to first dock in Milan, then your insurer will fly you to Milan ahead of time. The tactic will ensure you proceed with your cruise even if you might miss some moments. Doesn’t matter, as you will still enjoy the rest of the cruise.

9. Peace of Mind

Travel insurance for a cruise helps create calm and peace of the mind. Why would you pay for an expensive cruise if you are still going to stress over things like losing personal items?

The cruise should offer some relaxation and an escape from stress. You should enjoy the warm sun and interact with new people. Cruise insurance will cover most anticipated challenges on cruises.

Don’t Hesitate to Take Travel Insurance Coverage for a Cruise

Don’t take chances. Anything could ruin your cruise without insurance coverage. Travel insurance for a cruise has grown popular because of the guarantees it offers. Don’t spend all your money on booking cruises, spare some for covering the travel.

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