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Financial Term life Protection Available In T20 R&C

IA Excellence Term life insurance provides the insured a great option to take care of the needs of his family and dependents and at the same time insure key employees, repay a mortgage and plan their estate.

The plan is available for a fixed period of 20 years. During this period, the insured can make the most of the benefits available in the plan to successfully carry out their projects without financial impediments. It benefits and addendums to this plan makes it one of the best insurance plan and also easily customizable to suit your intended usage.

Why IA Excellence T20 R&C Is a Relevant

The plan can be renewed up to age 85 and it can be converted up to age 71. The term life insurance policy can be easily converted to a whole life insurance policy and you don’t need an evidence of insurability to do this. You also do not need an evidence of insurability to renew the plan.

  • To be eligible for the plan, the insured must be between ages 0 and 65.
  • The plan is renewable every 20 years up to age 85 and you can convert the plan to a whole life insurance provided you are under 71.
  • The premium will be waivered in the event of total disability.
  • You can obtain the term life insurance for your children.
  • Benefits are available in the event of accidental death or dismemberment.
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