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Canada Life Participating Life Insurance

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Canada Life Participating Life Insurance – The Lifelong Protection You Need

Looking for an insurance plan to support your financial goals, your estate planning and also leave a legacy for your loved ones? Canada Life’s participating life insurance is the excellent option for you.

This plan offers insurance protection that has the ability to grow money without tax-free inside your policy with time and within a legislative limit.

The cash value in your participating life insurance policy can be used while you are still alive. The coverage for this plan is designed to last a lifetime, provided you continue paying your premiums. Furthermore, the plan offers guaranteed basic cash value and initial basic coverage. On purchasing this coverage, the insured will obtain policy dividends which can be taken as cash. You can also use it to reduce premium payments or buy more coverage.

Top Features available in Canada Life Participating Life Insurance

Participating life insurance allows you to grow your wealth seamlessly. It also helps you to fund your children’s education, start a business with ease, support your retirement income and so forth. These and many more are possible because tax-advantaged cash value is accumulated in this plan to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • This coverage offers you the ability to grow money tax-free inside your policy over time and within your legislative limits.
  • Provided you pay your premiums, the coverage for this plan is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • The plan offers guaranteed basic cash value and initial basic coverage.
  • The plan provides funds that can be used to support your financial goals as well as estate planning. It accords you an option to increase your coverage to leave a legacy for your loved ones or keep up with inflation.
  • The lump sum for this plan can be paid to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.
  • You can seamlessly increase your coverage by using dividends or depositing additional money into your policy.
  • The plan can help you grow your wealth and achieve your financial goal through tax-advantaged cash value. This can be relevant for supplementing your retirement income, starting your dream business or funding your children’s education.

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