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Life & Serenity 65

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Life Insurance and Financial Assistance with Life & Serenity 65

Several retirement plans are available today to secure one’s future and ensure financial stability when a person becomes incapable of working and earning income. Some retirement plans are great but not every one of them is flexible and has features you need. Life & Serenity 65 is a flexible and robust plan that offers the insured financial assistance as well as life insurance.

This coverage could serve as a great succor to the insured when he becomes incapable of taking care of himself. It is a permanent insurance that remains active until the insured dies. It provides the insured the independence he needs when he eventually becomes dependent.

Features of IA Life & Serenity 65

Several interesting features are included in this plan. For instance, the insured can be allowed to skip a premium payment when diagnosed with an illness covered by the plan. Furthermore, loss of independence for the insured attracts a monthly payment benefit.

  • The life insurance remains active until the insured dies.
  • The insured is permitted to skip a premium payment if diagnosed with any illness included in the insurance policy.
  • It is a great coverage for seniors. The financial assistance provided in this plan can help them to enjoy a more serene life.
  • The insured will receive monthly payment benefits if he loses independence.
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