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L10, L20, L65, L100, T100

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L10, L20, L65, L100 and T100 Coverage To Cover Your Family

Sickness does not target any particular age group; both old and young can fall sick. One can only save the day by having sufficient insurance coverage for himself and his family. IA L10, L20, L65, L100 and T100 insurance package can help you protect yourself and your children’s health.

There are several insurance packages out there designed to meet a family’s need, however, most are seldom easy to manage. However, IA L10, L20, L65, L100 and T100 can be easily managed, allowing you the flexibility to choose the convenient time to pay for the package.

Fixed Period Payment with IA L10, L20, L65, L100 and T100

This insurance package is not only easily manageable but the premiums are guaranteed never to increase. This makes it easy for you to keep tabs on how much you will pay in premium and make the most of your insurance investment.

  • The premium for this plan is guaranteed never to increase.
  • Children insured by age 21 have a benefit of guaranteed insurability.
  • You can spread out your payment over 10, 15 or 20-year period. You can even choose options to spread it out to 65 or 100. This depends on the option you choose.
  • With the exception of T100, other options in this package have captivating surrender values.
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