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Genesis and Genesis-IRIS Life Insurance

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Grow Savings on Tax Preferred Basis with Genesis and Genesis-IRIS Life Insurance

High taxes on savings are probably the greatest disincentive to savings but one needs to save in order to properly plan for the future. This is why IA Genesis and Genesis-IRIS is established. With this insurance coverage, you can save and make investments easily. This coverage is great for retirement savings and any kind of investment.

This is a robust and flexible life insurance package.

With Genesis-IRIS in particular, you can invest your savings into an account with stabilized return index.

This can help you to have access to funds with low volatility but great returns.

IA Financial Genesis and Genesis-IRIS Life Insurance, a Robust Plan that Changes with Needs

Needs oftentimes change and so should insurance coverage. It would be relieving to have an insurance plan that adapts and changes with your needs. It allows you to take care of your financial needs irrespective of financial obligations and difficulties. With Genesis and Genesis-IRIS, you can easily make investments and grow your savings.

  • The plan is suitable for saving for your needs, including your retirement.
  • It is easy to adjust the premium amounts, payment frequency, investment options and face amount.
  • No surrender charges are charged in Genesis-IRIS for withdrawing policy funds.
  • With this plan, it is easy to invest your savings into an account with stabilized return index.
  • It is a permanent life insurance coverage that can protect you for life.

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