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55+ Extended Stay Plan Travel Insurance

TD Insurance health insurance plan

TD 55+ Extended Stay Plan – A Perfect Travel Insurance Plan for Snowbirds 55 Years or Older

As a snowbird, you are probably saving up money to embark on your next trip during winter but have you paused and considered the adequate coverage for you during the trip? Of course, you probably have a travel medical coverage but you need to be sure that the coverage is right for you. TD Insurance provides the 55+ Extended Stay plan exclusively for snowbirds 55 years and older.

The plan has a lot of interesting features designed to help you make the most of your trip if you are traveling for 30 days or more. It offers comprehensive medical coverage up to $5 million even if you have a pre-existing condition. The plan also provides 24/7 emergency assistance no matter where you go, exclusive benefits, and out-of-pocket costs for eligible emergency medical expenses.

Overview and the Top Features of the TD 55+ Extended Stay Plan Travel Insurance

The 55+ extended stay plan offers a number of awesome features. For instance, it offers the insured medical emergency benefits, medical emergency coverage, hospital accommodation, physician’s bills and transportation to bedside, per return and return of children. Exclusions, reduction of benefits and limitations may also apply to this plan if you fail to follow the policy requirements.

  • The 55+ Extended Stay plan is adequate for snowbirds 55 years or older and it is best for people traveling for 30 days or more.
  • The plan provides a comprehensive medical emergency coverage up to $5 million. Even if the insured has preexisting conditions.
  • The insured is required to answer health questionnaire to determine if he is eligible or not. If the insured passes the health questionnaire, the preexisting medical conditions will all be covered.
  • The plan also includes a 24/7 emergency assistance service anywhere in the world.
  • The 55+ Extended Stay plan offers medical emergency benefits, medical emergency coverage, hospital accommodations, physician bills, transportation to bedside, pet return and return of children.
  • The plan also allows the insured to save 10% on travel medical insurance.
  • Exclusion to the benefits could apply for reasonably foreseeable conditions, pregnancy, intentionally inflicted injuries, crime, pre-existing conditions if the insured did not complete a medical questionnaire etc.
  • Your medical emergency benefits could be reduced if you fail to notify the Emergency Assistance Center within 48 hours of an accident or within a reasonable period of time.

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