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PEI Health Insurance Overview

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Prince Edward Island is the least populated province in Canada and also the smallest by land area. It has a population of about 142,907 residents according to the 2016 population estimate. The island became a British Colony in the 1700s and then a province in 1873, making it the seventh province in Canada. It is actually one of Canada’s older settlements, reflecting older immigrations.

Prince Edward Islanders are primarily farmers. The island produces up to 25% of the potatoes in Canada. It also has luxuriant agricultural lands and pastoral scenery; these features have earned it the name “Garden of the Gulf”.

Health statistics in Prince Edward Island (PEI) show that 11.9% of the residents have repeat hospital stays for mental illness as compared to 12.1% for the rest of Canada.

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What does PEI Health Plan not cover?

With the Health PEI, residents of PEI could obtain basic and medically necessary health insurance services in any of the hospitals in the province. The services include medical services, home care services, hospital services, and drug programs. However, some services are not covered by the plan, these include:

  • Immunizations and examinations required by third parties.
  • Services not considered as medical necessities such as cosmetic surgeries.
  • Services of professionals such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, osteopaths, dieticians, homeopaths, audiologists, chiropractors, podiatrists, naturopaths, etc.
  • Private and semi-private hospital rooms;

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Optometric services not covered by the provincial health plan

Health PEI does not cover services rendered by optometrists. It also does not cover eyeglasses and lenses.

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Prescription drugs not covered by the provincial health plan

Health PEI has a very comprehensive drug program. You are eligible for either partial or full coverage in the PEI drug program if you are a senior, meet the financial criteria, and/or have a specific disease as described by the program. You may not qualify for the program if you already have private drug insurance.

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Dental coverage not covered by the provincial health plan

Medically required dental services are covered by Health PEI. It is also required for the procedure to be carried out in a hospital and prior approval is needed. The following dental services are not covered under the provincial plan.

  • Dental extractions unless the patient is required to be in a hospital and there is prior approval.
  • Routine dental services such as extractions, cleanings, examinations, and fillings; unless they are medically necessary and carried out in a hospital.

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PEI Health Insurance FAQ

How long does it take to process my Health PEI application?

How long is the Health PEI Card valid?

What happens if I leave PEI permanently?

Is there any fee for card replacement?

What supporting documents do I need to register for Health PEI?

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PEI Health Updates

PEI Health News

As a result of the outage at the telecommunications center, there is a temporary disruption of the 8-1-1 telehealth service. However, Health PEI is working to ensure that the telehealth service will be re-established as soon as possible.

Also, residents with urgent medical needs are advised to call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency department for health issues like unusual shortness of breath, discomfort or tightness, abdominal pain, etc.

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PEI Health Statistics

Prince Edward Island has a high cost of a standard hospital stay when compared to Canada in general. A statistics on the cost of a standard hospital stay in 2016-2017 showed $6,356 for PEI and $5992 for the rest of Canada.

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