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Auto insurance is important; in fact, it is required by law for every vehicle owner in most provinces in Canada. However, nobody wants to spend all the money in the world just to protect his vehicles.

With SSQ Insurance, you can get the best auto insurance at a very affordable premium.

SSQ auto insurance includes multiple discounts that help in reducing your premium amount to a reasonable extent. SSQ also provides a lot of other avenues to help you save a lot of money from your auto insurance coverage. You can save up to $60 on requesting the auto insurance online and up to $500 when you combine home and auto insurance. You can even obtain green savings for electric and hybrid vehicles, or get a premium freeze when you opt for a 2-year auto insurance policy.

Top Features and Benefits

The Insured is handsomely rewarded in SSQ auto insurance. The auto insurance accords you a lower deductible if you renew your policy without making a claim. Optional features included in the auto insurance such as roadside assistance are designed to further improve your policy. Some other interesting features that come with this auto insurance policy include liability insurance, collision and upset coverage, and coverage for upset and all perils.

  • SSQ auto insurance allows you to save in a number of ways. You can save $60 by requesting an auto insurance quote online, and up to $500 by bundling your home and auto insurance. You can even get a premium freeze by opting for a 2-year auto insurance policy or enjoy green savings for electric and hybrid vehicles and SSQ insurance customers can enjoy $25 multi-product discount on their auto insurance.
  • SSQ customers are rewarded with the decreasing deductible benefit. This benefit allows you to enjoy a lower deductible each time you renew your policy without making a claim.
  • You can also leverage SSQ Insurance’s Kilo Program. This program makes it possible for the insured to pay only for the kilometers he drives. There is no maximum or minimum mileage.
  • SSQ also provides its policyholders and their family members living in the same address an optional roadside assistance. This benefit is available everywhere in the U.S and Canada any day and anytime.
  • The Insured can rent their cars with Turo without having an impact on their auto insurance premium. The claims arising by renting your car with Turo are covered by the Turo’s commercial insurance.
  • The insured enjoys a lot of other benefits in the auto insurance policy, such as liability insurance coverage to the third party’s property, coverage for collision and upset, coverage for all perils besides collision and upset.
  • Some other additional coverage could be added to your auto insurance to further enhance it. These may include enhanced accident benefits, travel costs, waiver of deductible – hit and run, waiver of deductible – total loss, and so forth.


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