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SSQ Insurance (French: SSQ Assurance) is a mutual diversified financial institution founded in 1944 in Quebec, Canada, which offers insurance and investment products.

The organization, which serves over three million customers and employs 2,000 employees, is one of the major insurance companies in Canada. SSQ Insurance is also one of the 500 largest companies in Quebec, ranking 79th in 2018.

With a business volume approaching $3 billion and $11 billion in assets under management,

SSQ Insurance is one of the 10 Canadian co-operatives present in the ranking of the most prominent coops worldwide.

Popular Products

SSQ Critical Illness Insurance

Why SSQ Critical Illness Insurance? This plan can protect you and your family financially by replacing work's income, pay for medication, cover bills and other extra expenses that connected to your sickness. It's a SSQ critical illness insurance product that designed for Canadian families.

SSQ Travel Insurance

Why SSQ Travel Insurance? Travel with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected. This plan can protect you and your family financially in the event of emergency either for short stays, extended stays or annual multi-trip.  It's a SSQ Travel insurance product that designed for Canadian travelers.

SSQ Term Life Insurance

Why SSQ Term Life insurance? Live with peace of mind knowing that your family or beneficiary are protected in the event of your death. This plan can provide your needs for a period of 10 or 20 years, or until you reach age 70. It's a SSQ Term Life insurance product that designed for Canadian millennial or family with young children.

SSQ Universal Life Insurance

Why SSQ Universal Life insurance? It simplifies your financial planning while meeting both your insurance and savings needs. This plan can provide you flexible coverage with access to accumulated funds. It's a SSQ universal life insurance product that designed for Canadians that want coverage with cash accumulation value.

SSQ Home Insurance

Why SSQ Home insurance? Enjoy the cheapest home insurance plan with coverage that adapted to the different types of realty either house, condo, apartment or building. It's a SSQ home insurance product that designed for each Canadian.

SSQ Group Insurance

Why SSQ Group insurance? It offers different coverage and health services that vary from one group or individual to another.

SSQ Insurance Products

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Insurdinary provides a comprehensive quotes comparison sends straight to your inbox so you can start comparing health coverage in minutes. See plans from several major Canadian insurers to choose the right option for you. Our customer health specialists are also available to address your questions and concerns.

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