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Get Protected from Accident and Soft Tissue Injury

Simplified issue insurance plans are flexible and suitable for those who do not want to be bothered about their medical history when procuring an insurance plan. With IA Excellence Acci-Jet Program, a simplified issue disability insurance product, you can get yourself protected against soft tissue injury and accidents. The plan is specifically designed for accidents and soft tissue injuries but it can also be leveraged in the event of illness, although this is optional. The injury does not have to be work-related but IA Excellence Acci-Jet program guarantees a robust and comprehensive protection to the insured.

Available Options and Features

To be eligible for this plan, the insured must be at least 18 years old and not older than 69. The insured must also have a financially rewarding job for 21 hours a week or equivalent. Furthermore, the injury must not be such that will limit your movement or daily activities and you must not have a permanent physical or mental impairment or a degenerative chronic disease. Additionally, the insured must reside in Canada or be a Canadian citizen.

  • The coverage options available in this plan include disability insurance for workers and overhead expense insurance for small business owners. Additional clauses options are also provided at no extra cost.
  • You have options to improve the definition of the total disability. This can be done by answering a short health questionnaire. The option allows you to personalize the coverage seamlessly.
  • Provided you are working full-time when you become partially disabled, you have an option to receive benefits in the event of partial disability.
  • It also includes an option to extend the period of regular occupation.
  • You don’t need a medical exam to purchase this plan. You only have to answer three eligibility questions.
  • The premium for this plan depends on your occupation.



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