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Health is wealth. Healthcare insurance is one of the most important insurance plans because it caters for your everyday healthcare needs. Of course, you can finance your everyday healthcare needs from your personal savings but the cost can easily add up and may eventually erode all your savings. Desjardins healthcare insurance is the easiest way to take care of your healthcare needs. Desjardins healthcare insurance caters for healthcare expenses not covered by the Canadian government’s health plan. The insurance plan provides the insured dental care, prescription drugs, and any other service he needs to cater for his health. It also provides dental care, nursing, ambulance services, hospitalization in a semi-private room and so forth.

Features and Benefits

Anyone can leverage Desjardins healthcare insurance to take care of his daily healthcare needs but this service is most appropriate for you if you do not have a group insurance or you are self-employed. This plan can also effectively complement your government or group insurance plan and you can even add options to improve the plan.

  • This insurance plan will take care of expenses that are not covered by your government or group insurance. These expenses may include dental care and prescription drugs.
  • The plan is the right option for you if you are self-employed or does not have group insurance coverage.
  • The plan will take care of your everyday healthcare expenses and help your family to achieve their long-sought financial security.
  • With the plan, you can take care of nursing and ambulance services, hospitalization in a semi-private room, prescription drugs, therapeutic devices such as prosthetics and orthotics, and services of health professionals.
  • The plan has two categories namely “without coverage needs analysis” and “with coverage needs analysis”. The option you choose determines the add-ons and features you will enjoy.
  • You can enjoy no-medical exam, easy to purchase, and online purchasing feature, if you choose the “without coverage, needs analysis”.
  • With the “with coverage needs analysis”, you will have access to a financial security advisor, disability and health insurance advice and so forth.



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