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The youthful age is one of the most difficult stages of life. The youth has to think about building their future, focusing on their studies or building their career. Financial burdens could be a huge distraction at such a time and of course, certain health problems, disability, and illness could mar the youth’s future.
Why not insure your child with Youth Plus so that they can focus on planning their life.
With Youth Plus, your children will have a guaranteed insurability. Even if they develop certain life-threatening conditions, they can maintain their coverage. Owing to the guaranteed insurability badge on their coverage, your children can convert their coverage to a permanent life insurance or even a term life insurance irrespective of their health status. They don’t even need a proof of insurability to do that.

Features and Benefits

Should a child become ill as described in the contract, Youth Plus will offer the child a living benefit. This gives you access to the policy’s face amount, making it possible for you to take care of the child without having to worry about finances. The coverage is basically for children between the ages of 15 days and 17 years.

  • Youth Plus covers children up to age 25.
  • The plan offers guaranteed insurability. This allows your children to maintain their coverage even they develop some health problems.
  • Once your children reach age 25, they can convert the plan to a permanent or term life insurance plan irrespective of their health status or proof of insurability. This feature is made possible by the guaranteed insurability.
  • Should a child become ill as described in the contract, the plan will provide a living benefit to take care of the child. This gives you access to a part of the face amount of the policy and allows you to cater for the child without any financial consideration.
  • The plan is for children between the ages of 15 days and 17 years (both inclusive).
  • The premium for this plan remains the same all through the life of the contract.



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