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Small or large, old or new, your home is a safe haven for you and your family. You’ll do everything you can to ensure that your house is a safe place to live and will last for years to come.

Unfortunately, unexpected disasters can happen, putting your home at risk of damage or theft. And with the safety of your loved ones and belongings on your mind, you know you need a game plan for how to protect your home there’s an emergency.

With home insurance, you get the peace of mind you need. When you sign up for coverage, you’ll be rest assured that you’ll have the funds you need to make repairs and get reimbursed for your belongings

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Home Insurance in Canada – Do You Need It?

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Many people are not prepared when the unexpected happens because it’s just that – unexpected. It can be easy to think “I’ll figure it out when/if something bad happens”, but this is rarely the best approach.

That’s because the costs of a damaged home can quickly add up. And, if you don’t have home insurance, that money is coming out of your bank account. This would cause significant financial hardship for you and your family.

While having home insurance isn’t a requirement, it is highly recommended for the potential protection it may offer in the future if something were to go awry.

How Home Insurance Works

Say your home and belongings get damaged in an unexpected flood. You and your family are put on in a hotel, waiting on home repairs, and hoping that your most prized possessions are intact. But then you add up the costs of the repairs, replacing damaged clothes, staying in a hotel, and more. Who’s going to cover that cost?

With private home insurance, you pay a monthly premium to maintain coverage of your home and belongings. Then, if a disaster occurs, your insurance company will cover some or all of the costs of repairing your home and replacing damaged items. Without insurance, these costs would likely come out of your pocket.

Home Insurance Protects You, Your Home, and the People You Love

By signing up for home insurance, you take an important step in protecting what’s most important to you: your home and your family.

At Insurdinary, we help you get connected with affordable home insurance plans to you can find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Get covered today.

Get a Free Home Insurance Quote Online

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Is your home protected? If not, it may be time to consider getting home insurance.

Fortunately, Insurdinary makes it easy to compare different plans and rates online with our free quote tool. Simply enter your information and get quotes from Canada’s top providers sent straight to your inbox.

There’s no time to wait when it comes to protecting your home, family, and belongings.

Home Insurance – What It Covers

While every home insurance policy will differ based on your specific needs and budget, it typically covers a wide range of things that pertain to your home and belongings.

Some of the things your home insurance policy may cover includes:

Don’t Pay Out-of-Pocket for Home Repairs

fire and smoke damage

Typical home insurance policies include 4 types of protection: dwelling, structures, personal property and liability coverage.

Having all of this coverage ensures that your provider will cover a significant portion of the costs that come with home damages. This saves you from having to pay hundreds of dollars or more out-of-pocket.

Dwelling coverage may cover the costs of home repairs that are required after a fire, flood, extreme winds, lightning strikes, or hail. This coverage applies to your primary home or dwelling.

Get Coverage for Stolen or Damaged Belongings

Your home insurance policy may also additional structures that you have, a shed, garage, or fence. If any of these become damaged, your provider may cover some or all of the repair costs. This can save you big bucks compared to having to pay for these repairs yourself.

Personal property coverage will likely reimburse you for the value of your belongings if they get damaged, or may pay for you to replace the items completely. This coverage may protect things like furniture, clothing, and electronics.

Prepare for Possible Accidents with Liability Coverage

Even if your home is up to code and relatively safe, accidents can still happen. And if someone else gets injured in your home, you may be on the hook for legal or medical costs. Home insurance can protect you in case this ever occurs, and cover things like legal fees, loss of income (for the injured person), and even the costs of damages made to someone else’s property.

Where to Find Cheap, Comprehensive Home Insurance

Cheaper isn’t always better. But at Insurdinary, we help you find that sweet spot of comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. We always recommend comparing multiple plans and then choosing a policy you can afford.

Simply request a quote, answer some questions, and get quotes sent right to you. You’ll be able to compare plans side-by-side and then choose the perfect plan.

In the long-run, you could have hundreds of dollars or more compared to having to pay for home damages out-of-pocket.

Why Use Insurdinary to Find Home Insurance?

Getting private insurance for your home is a smart choice when it comes to saving money and protecting your home, family, and belongings. But, it may be confusing knowing where to start your search for the best plan.

With Insurdinary, comparing plans and rates is easy. All you have to do is enter your information and we will send you quotes straight to your inbox. Then, you can compare plans, providers, and prices to choose the very best fit for your home.

No need to hop all over the web looking at different home insurance companies in Canada. You can compare quotes all in one place with Insurdinary

Compare Home Insurance Quotes Online

The value of home insurance cannot be overstated. You deserve the best protection for your home and your family. Having a home insurance plan in place ensures that you have a safeguard against financial hardship if a disaster were to occur.

To get home insurance in Canada, use Insurdinary to get quotes sent straight to your inbox. Then, all you have to do is compare rates and select the best, most affordable plan for you.

See Plans from Canada’s Best Home Insurance Companies

At Insurdinary, we provide quotes and plans from Canada’s top home insurance providers so you can find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. You could end up saving thousands of dollars compared to using other home insurance comparison websites!

Get quotes from the best, find the perfect plan for you, and save loads of money on home insurance.


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We’ve got you covered no matter what. Use Insurdinary to find the best insurance coverage and rates in all of Canada.


Home Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is home insurance right for you? Get all of your important questions answers in our FAQ section below.

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that covers a portion or all of the costs associated with making repairs on your home or paying to replace damaged personal belongings. When you have home insurance, your provider covers a portion or all of the costs (versus you having to pay for all damages out-of-pocket).

How does home insurance work?

After signing up for a home insurance plan, you will be required to pay a premium (typically monthly) in order to maintain coverage. In the event that your home and/or belongings are damaged, you can file a claim with your provider. Your provider will then cover a portion or all of the costs that come with repairing your home, replacing damaged items, and even legal fees if someone is injured on your property.

Why have home insurance?

For a low premium, you can maintain coverage over your home in case a disaster or accident occurs. Rather than paying to fix the damages yourself, your provider will cover some of these costs for you. This could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, saving you from potential financial hardship.

What does home insurance cover?

Most home insurance policies offer 4 types of cover: dwelling, structures, personal belongings, and liability coverage. Under these categories, your policy will likely include coverage for home damages (fire, extreme weather), structures (garages, sheds, and fences), belongings (clothes and electronics), and liability (legal and/or medical fees if someone is injured on your property). However, policies may differ depending on the provider.

What determines the cost of home insurance?

There are a variety of factors home insurance companies consider when determining your insurance premium. Some of these factors include where you live, age of home and roof, your claims history, the cost to rebuild your home, proximity to a fire station, and more. When you sign up with Insurdinary, you get the chance to discuss all of these details with your chosen provider.

Where can I get quotes for home insurance?

If you are looking for home insurance in Canada, it’s best to start your search online. Fortunately, Insurdinary gets homeowners connected with the lowest rates on home insurance, fast. Simply sign up for quotes on our website to get plans and prices send straight to your inbox.

How do I save money on home insurance?

The best way to save money on home insurance is to compare rates and prices from multiple providers. Insurdinary makes this easy by sending you quotes from Canada’s best home insurance companies all at once. Compare plans side by side to choose the most comprehensive yet affordable plan for you.

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