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Insurdinary connects users to most major lenders and institutions across the country. Users on our site are provided quotes customized and tailored to their credit score, employment and their location, whether it is; Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and all around.

Whether you need a mortgage, refinance, 2nd mortgage or any other type of loan product/service, Canadians expect the lowest mortgage rates and best terms to suit them. Insurdinary can help connect you to the right lender and service. Try our system, our users have saved tens of thousands using our platform..


Our site has a super fast application process. Submit a full and complete application, our experts will review your information and respond back within 24 – 48 hours.


There is no cost for application and no cost for a free full and complete consultation.


Our cutting edge and specialized technology makes it easy for us to identify your needs and provide you with the information you need.


Our system is totally unbiased – period, full-stop. We are here for you and for your best benefit.


Once you fill out the application form we have enough information to do a full and complete analysis on your mortgage needs. We provide the most comprehensive solution for you.


All your information is completley secure with us. We utilize a full secure platform, with ssl certificate enabled and tightly managed process.

The Modern Way of Getting Mortgage Rates

If you are a regular consumer and utilize a traditional process, you call your local mortgage broker get a quote and maybe contact your family or friends to seek their advice. All of this is highly time consuming and out of date. With Insurdinary it takes under a minute to fill out the application form and you will recieve an informed response within 24- 48 hours from the best brokers, banks, and institutions in the industry, saving you time and money.

Mortgage Tips

TIP #1:
Make BIG lump sum payments whenever possible
TIP #2:
Don't just look for the lowest rates - SHOP ARROUND
TIP #3:
Accelerate your mortgage payments
TIP #4:
The posted rate are not necessarily The 'Lowest Rate'
TIP #5:
Consider Switching lenders, Don't get Scared Off
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