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Yukon Pet Insurance

Yukon Pet Insurance Overview

Yukon Pet Insurance

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The advancement in veterinary care is both beneficial and disadvantageous. On one side, it has provided pet owners with a better way to take care of their furry friends. You can leverage the best veterinary treatment and cutting-edge technologies to make sure that your pets are always healthy. On the flip side, the cost of veterinary care has dramatically increased, thanks to the improved technology.

Thankfully, it can be a win-win situation for you. With the right Yukon pet insurance coverage, you can lessen the financial burden and strain that could be posed by the rising cost and at the same time, take care of the best treatments and care available for your pet. In other words, Yukon pet insurance is not just protecting your pet, it is also protecting your finances.

Pet insurance in Yukon can cover all sorts of pet-related medical conditions such as accidents, hospitalization, injuries, surgery, prescription, diagnostic tests, illnesses, emergency care and so forth. You can even add optional or additional coverage such as general wellness coverage that covers routine procedures such as checkups and vaccination.

To get comprehensive coverage, pet parents need to insure their pets as quickly as possible. Pets become prone to chronic illnesses and genetic diseases as they grow old. However, once a condition is diagnosed before the policy’s start date, such condition is classified as a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by the policy. This means that you may not get comprehensive coverage if you fail to insure your pets before pre-existing conditions manifest.

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Buy The Right Yukon Pet Insurance

With several pet insurers and insurance coverages out there, it is usually difficult to choose the best coverage for you. This is why you need to compare policy options and research the available Yukon pet insurance providers and insurance coverage in order to choose the best suitable coverage for you.

When shopping for Yukon pet insurance, it is important to keep an eye on the coverage’s stipulations, exclusions, waiting periods and limits. Some insurers have different policies regarding the breeds and age of the pet and it is important to know everything involved in the policy before you go for it.

A broad pet insurance coverage with few exclusions is always a better option for those looking for comprehensive coverage. The main reason why you are taking out pet insurance is to get comprehensive coverage and broad coverage is exactly what you need to achieve that.

Make sure that the Yukon pet insurance covers the following before you choose the coverage:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Emergency care
  • Prescription medication
  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist care, and
  • Surgery

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Yukon Pet Insurance and Veterinary Hospitals

  • All Paws Veterinary Clinic – 9 Metropolit Lane, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 0J1 – (867) 667-7387
  • Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre Ltd – 107 Copper Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2Z7 – (867) 633-5700
  • Copper Road Veterinary Clinic – 128 B Copper Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2Z6 – (867) 633-5184

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Pet Insurance Terms

  • Co-insurance – This includes the percentage or part of the claim that the insured is responsible for. It usually comes in after the deductible has been removed.
  • Deductible – This is the agreed amount that the insured has to pay before the insurance coverage will take effect or before accessing the insurance payout. It may be charged per claim or per year.
  • Pre-existing condition – Medical conditions that the insured was diagnosed with before the start date of the insurance policy is known as pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are covered under any Yukon pet insurance policy
  • Breed exclusion – The insurer might decide to exclude certain pet breeds from the insurance coverage they provide. This implies that hereditary conditions related to that breed will not be covered by the policy.

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Yukon Pet Insurance FAQs

Does pet insurance go up if you claim?

Some pet insurers in Yukon increase the cost of insurance after claim but some other insurers do not. It should be noted that insurance cost is increasing in general due to the advancement in veterinary care.

Do pet insurance companies pay the vet directly?

You can arrange for the pet insurer to pay to the vet. The vet may have to request payment directly from the insurer but you will have to pay the excess amount.

How soon does pet insurance take effect?

The pet insurance coverage takes effect as soon as the waiting period expires. Although the waiting period varies from one insurer to the other, most insurers have a waiting period of 14 days. Also, the waiting period could be shorter for accidents.

How much does pet insurance cost for a pet per month?

The monthly cost of pet insurance varies from one insurance company to the other. However, the premium could range from $10 to $100 in a month.

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What to Ask Before Purchasing Pet Insurance

Before purchasing a Yukon pet insurance policy, you need to ask the right questions in order to make well-informed decisions. It is important to understand what the policy covers and also what is not covered before you make a claim.

Here are some questions to ask before taking out Yukon pet insurance:

  • What is covered and what is not?
  • What illnesses and injuries are covered in the insurance?
  • What makes up an accident?
  • Does the policy include out-of-country or province coverage for my pet?
  • Are there breed-specific exclusions?
  • Is there any benefit or effect on my plan if I enroll multiple pets?
  • How long does it take to process a claim?
  • Is there any waiting period before I can make my first claim?
  • Will my premium change over time or as my pet ages? Will it increase if I make a claim?
  • How do I make a claim? Do I have to pay the veterinary upfront?

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