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SSQ Insurance Employee Benefit Plan

Employee Benefit Plan Overview

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Canadian companies want to lead their industry in all aspects. To achieve this purpose, companies invest in several growth and expansion strategies which are recommended for success. However, one of the easiest ways a company can succeed is by taking care of its employees. Employees contribute a lot to the success of a company. When properly cared for, your employees can be do all they can to advance your business and even go beyond their usual schedules.

SSQ provides one of the best group benefits plans in Canada. The group benefits are designed to comprehensive coverage to the plan members and can also be customized to suit your exact requirements. Furthermore, the employer can easily manage the SSQ employee benefit plan provided to the employees and make sure that adequate coverage is provided to each employee.

By covering your employees and groups with SSQ employee benefit plan, you can ensure that they have the peace of mind and security needed to focus entirely on your business. This will ensure dedication and undivided attention. It is also important to provide health coverage and some other benefits to the employees’ family as a way to ensure that the employees are safe and have peace of mind.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

SSQ provides different insurance coverage to groups. Sometimes, the coverage could vary from one group to another. However, there are traditional coverages provided by SSQ. These include health insurance, prescription drug insurance, disability insurance, compassion insurance, life insurance, dental care insurance, health spending account, and travel insurance.

The prescription drug insurance covers prior authorization drugs and biological drugs, while compassion insurance covers critical illnesses or injuries both for people under 18 and for those over 18.

For each of the coverage mentioned above, the covered expenses are determined in line with the needs expressed by your groups. You can find the details of your coverage, whether health, life, travel or any other coverage by logging in to the Access secure website for plan members. Details provided in the platform include the reimbursement percentage, expenses covered, a statement for the purpose of tax, and the maximum number of treatments per year.

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Employee Benefit News

SSQ Insurance partners with FlightClaim.ca to provide innovative compensation solutions to its insureds when their flights are overbooked, canceled or delayed. FlightClaim.ca defends travelers against airlines by offering risk-free and fast options that are provided without any charge until they obtain compensation. They also inform travelers of their rights to achieve these purposes.

Éric Trudel, senior vice-president, Strategy and Product Management, at SSQ Insurance said that the objective of the company’s agreement with FlightClaim.ca is to provide their customers with innovative solutions to make their lives easier. FlightClaim.ca will provide the services at a preferential rate to SSQ customers and make traveling stress-free for the insured, Trudel added.

Jacob Charbonneau, co-founder at FlightClaim.ca pointed out that even though delay, overbooked or canceled flight could be a pain in the neck while traveling, travelers still face difficult situations to obtain compensation from airlines. He further added that they are pleased to add SSQ customers to the thousands of travelers who take advantage of FlightClaim.ca services every month. The company has obtained compensation in 92 percent of cases, Charbonneau says.

The services of FlightClaim.ca will be available through SSQ’s travel insurance subsidiary known as assurancevoyages.ca. The services may be added to other SSQ’s travel insurance products.

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SSQ Insurance Employee Benefit FAQ

Must I notify SSQ before I travel?

You don’t need to notify SSQ Insurance before you travel if your health is good and stable. However, if you have a known illness, you must make sure that your health is good and stable before you travel. But, if you intend to travel irrespective of your condition, make sure that the illness is covered under SSQ. It is also important to check the travel advisory for Canadian citizens with respect to your travel destination before you leave.

Who is eligible for SSQ travel insurance?

People who are covered by a group plan offered by SSQ Financial Group are eligible for travel insurance with Assistance.

My credit cards and ID were stolen during my trip. What do I do?

If your credit cards and/or ID are stolen during your trip, contact CanAssistance. When you do, SSQ will contact your financial institution to replace your credit cards. Furthermore, the insurer will also help you to get the services of an embassy to issue the official documents you require to continue your trip.

How can I submit a claim?

To submit a claim, it is necessary to have your SSQ insurance card. SSQ will travel you to its travel insurance partner, CanAssistance, when you call the numbers on the back of the card. Plan members who do not have a card can print a temporary one in their personal file on the Access website for plan members. Select the “Documents” tab on the top menu on the home page and click on “SSQ Card”.

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